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Irish Comfort Foods You Need To Try

This article is dedicated to one of my favourite things: Irish cuisine. I’m not talking about a Tayto crisp sandwich, chicken fillet rolls or spicebags (although they are worth a mention). I’m talking about a good old-fashioned, traditional Irish dinner. The type that reminds you of home. The type that makes you nostalgic, and makes you feel all warm and happy on the inside. The type that makes you feel patriotic and nationalistic, proud of the Irish population (yes even Daniel O’Donnell and Dustin The Turkey). 

Introducing the Holy Trinity: Traditional Irish Stew, Coddle, and Bacon and Cabbage.

Probably one of the most commonly consumed of the three. She’s a versatile one too, being able to be cooked using chicken or beef. Once you have carrots, leek, potatoes and onion in there, you’re doing well. The great thing about stew is that you can leave it covered up in the pot, and have it again the next day (and it actually tastes way better the next day too). There’s also very little hard work that goes into a stew, just a few hours, bit of seasoning and a lot of love.

The King of comfort dishes, and this one is actually native to Dublin. I know it sounds nasty that it’s made using boiled sausages and rashers, but here me out: the sausage taste and texture resembles a sausage from a sausage-roll consistency as opposed to a Superquinn sausage. Basically, a skinned and boiled sausage stew. But it is one of the greatest things you’ll ever put in your mouth. Ever.

The Godfather of all Irish dishes. Usually served with mash or roast prátaí (potatoes). There’s much deliberation on how to cook the bacon, but my own Mammy boils the bacon joint in 1 part Coca Cola 2 parts water, then uses this water afterwards to boil the cabáiste (cabbage), which I highly recommend doing. Mammy also then whacks the bacon into the oven drowned in some maple syrup, which I also highly recommend doing. It’s sweet and crispy on the outside, then savoury on the inside. The bacon? Heavenly. The cabbage? Devine. Together? HEAVENLY DEVINE.

These dishes are reminiscent of Irish culture, and really embody what an Irish wholesome dish is. You can thank me later, but for now? Go make yourself a stew!

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