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I Cried to 2 Hours 10 Minutes and 26 Seconds of Red (Taylor’s Version)

This must be my most anticipated album release of the year. Of course, Miss Swift re-released Fearless earlier this year, which was incredible, but Red is in my top 3 Taylor albums ever so to say I have been waiting for this day for months is an utter understatement.

I’ve made the conscious decision to take you through my favourite songs on this album as I listen to them, because what’s more authentic than writing down your thoughts as your tears fall onto your keyboard. Also, I had to limit it to my favourite songs because this was turning into a thesis! Just because I didn’t include a song it doesn’t mean I don’t like it; I just prefer others.

State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)

IT’S HAPPENING AH! I’m genuinely shaking right now this doesn’t feel real! I’m loving what she’s done with the song. I’m so overwhelmed so excuse me for not pinpointing everything but I am losing it right now. Her voice has grown so much since Red was first released and it shows. I love my mother. 9/10, great opener.

The Last Time (featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) (Taylor’s Version)

I am not ready. This song means so much to me. Gary, man. The drum. The strings. The shaker. It’s so like a march now. I am full sobbing at this point. The strings in her verse. Is that a HARPSICHORD? I can’t actually handle this song anymore; I don’t have clear thoughts. The bloody guitar bit. No, the bridge. I can barely see through the tears right now. Call and response section. Wow. Just the two of them and the piano with strings. I am in awe. 10/10, sentimentality aside, it is a stunning song.

Come Back… Be Here (Taylor’s Version)

This song means a lot to me too. Her VOICE! I’m loving the instrumentation of this it’s simply stunning. The chorus. The arrangement of the instruments is really appealing to me, and I am just in awe. STRINGS? GUITAR SLIDES? I am sorry is she trying to murder me. The bridge-building and we all know how much of an architect she is. I’ll be right back I’m just sliding down my wall crying at the breakdown. This is a masterpiece. 9/10, a work of art.

Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)

The fact that I have never heard this song before is making me scream. The guitar riff layered with the piano is stunning. Ok lyrics! Oh God I’m going to relate to this word for word, aren’t I? The. Chorus. I’m crying. Like I’m sorry but I am sobbing. The melody is actually beautiful. This chorus might be one of my favourites of hers ever. I said what I said. This bridge is stunning. I’m really, really crying now this is just a great, great song 10/10, why wasn’t this on the original, perfection.

All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)

Jake Gyllenhaal better be ready to catch these hands, earrings off rings on style.

I have to say I am shaking because I sense this is about to get chaotic. Pop off drums! Instrumentation is fabulous. Her voice is fabulous. This is fabulous. Haven’t heard any new lyrics yet but I’m honestly vibing too hard to notice yet. Chorus! Gorge. 

I’M SORRY DID I HEAR HER RIGHT? F*CK THE PATRIARCHY? WHAT IS GOING ON? I am losing my mind. Oh, Jakey boy you are in trouble. Big trouble. ‘Held my lifeless frame.’ Honey, this is lyrically otherworldly. ‘YOU KEPT ME LIKE A SECRET BUT I KEPT YOU LIKE AN OATH.’ Stop it. ‘Sacred prayer.’ Holy Lord I think I’m short-circuiting. The bridge is on its way oh my god. Screaming, her voice here is just heavenly. SING IT TAYLOR, YOU TELL HIM! HE DID BREAK YOU LIKE A PROMISE! These new lyrics are just something else. 

Cut the cameras, deadass. ‘If we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine.’ I have no words. She is literally dragging him through the dirt, and I am adoring it. The aggression on ‘who was she?’ is so perfect. Aw Taylor, of course, it’s supposed to be fun turning 21. Poor baby was really hurt by this man, I’m heartbroken for her. I love this version better than any other. This has never been done before and she is literally changing the music industry and making history. 

WHAT? HOLD ON. ‘I GET OLDER BUT YOUR LOVERS STAY MY AGE.’ SHE HARDLY SAID THAT. I am completely shocked, it’s true but I’m still shocked. ‘Did the love affair maim you too?’ Blondie stop it.

This is the most beautiful outro of any song I have ever heard, and I swear I am not exaggerating. 21/10, I will never be the same again, Taylor has broken me.

All that being said, this rerecording is one of the most incredible albums I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Red (Taylor’s Version) is 100% in my top 5 albums of all time now and I know it will be in your top 5 too.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am completely drained emotionally and will need at least three weeks to fully recover. This has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride

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