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Over the past year, date nights have changed considerably. Gone are the days where we can go to a restaurant for a meal or go to the cinema or have a good night out. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun date nights anymore though! Here are a few ways you can spice up your date nights from home.

The Tiktok Trend

All new trends these days seem to be born on Tiktok. A while ago I came across loads of videos on my For You Page surrounding date nights, and fun ways you can spice it up using only your local supermarket. 

It involves making a list before you go of categories to buy each other things from. These include drinks, snacks, something the other person needs, something you both can do together and something they want. You then reveal your choices to each other when you get home!

The other trend that was quite popular was a game of rock paper scissors for each category, where the winner chooses where you go. This includes drinks, dinner, dessert and a movie to watch at home.

Fake Murder Cases

HerCampus Editor Emily was telling me about how she bought a fake murder case file off Amazon and spent the night with her boyfriend trying to solve it, accompanied with some wine! They come with everything you might need, including reports on how the person died, pictures and any evidence you might need. It all comes in a cute evidence bag, which makes it even more interesting!


As long as the two of you stay away from other people, there’s nothing wrong with bringing some food out and sitting on a cute blanket in a park! Plus, it’s a great photo opportunity! You could even do this in your backyard, or my personal favourite, somewhere you can see the sunset.


I fully believe that cooking and baking together is such a cute date night idea. It’s so simple and inexpensive but so cute! Find a recipe that you both would like for dinner, accompany that with baking something gorgeous for dessert and then relax to a movie while eating both!

Star Gazing

This is also such a cute idea. Bring out some blankets and pillows to your backyard, and just lie there watching the stars. Of course, the only drawback to this is that if it’s cold or the sky is cloudy you won’t get much out of it, but make sure you choose a night where the sky is clear and wrap up extra warm just to be sure! The other side of this is making a pillow fort and bringing a projector outside to watch a movie on the wall of your house for example. Be careful about how loud it is though, for your neighbours’ sake, and make sure the projector doesn’t get wet! 

If you can’t be together

I know a lot of us can’t be with our partners currently and that’s absolutely awful. We are lucky though that we can facetime them and see them while talking to them. Just because you’re not together though does not mean you can’t have a date night!

One cute thing you could do is order takeaway to each other’s house (you choose what they have!) and watch a movie together – you can do it by pressing play at the same time, or watch it together using Netflix Party or a service like TeamViewer.

I know this past year has been so difficult for all of us, but you deserve a treat! Make time to spend time with your partner (if you can), doing things that make both of you happy. It’s important to have date nights!

My name is Emma, and I'm originally from the north west of Ireland! I'm a journalism student in DCU, and have loved reading and writing ever since I was young. I'm a big lover of music, and also do some modelling work on the side!
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