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Mercury is in retrograde. What’s your star sign? It must be a full moon. We have all used astrology as a way to justify why things go wrong or why we feel a bit off on a given day but you can start using it to your advantage too and there’s no better time than now. On the twelfth of April, we entered a new moon the perfect time to start! 

To understand how to prepare for a new moon it’s important that we start with a quick look at the moon cycle. Put simply, the moon cycle is the different ways the moon looks to us on Earth over the course of roughly a month. As the moon orbits earth, one side of it will be lit up by the Sun, the side that is lit up will create the different shapes or phases that we see. 

Time for some basic astronomy. There are many different phases, but the four primary ones are a new moon, the first quarter, a full moon and the third quarter. A new moon happens when the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun, during this, it isn’t visible to us because we are looking at the unlit half. Next is the first quarter, this happens about a week after a new moon. This is when only half of the lit-up portion of the moon is visible. After that comes a full moon. This is when we can see the whole lit up portion. This happens because the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. Finally, we have the third quarter. Again, only half of the lit upside is visible. 

There are many ways you can get the most out of a new moon, much like a full one, it’s a prime time to charge your crystals but it’s also a great opportunity to make moon water. moon water is exactly what the name suggests, it’s water charged with the moon’s energy. You can drink it, cleanse your crystals with it, even add it to a bath for an extra boost! It’s super simple to make, just put some water in a sealable container like a jar or bottle and leave it where the moonlight can get to it, this can be outside or even just in the window. By the morning you have a little moon magic to use in whatever way you’d like. 

A new moon is also a powerful tool when it comes to setting intentions. Do you have a goal in mind you want to achieve? This is the best time to get manifesting. Make sure you make your intentions very clear this way not only is your mind completely focused on giving you the best chance to get what you desire but also letting the universe know what it is you’re seeking. There are many ways to manifest or set intentions, some people like to meditate or visualise their goal and others like writing them down. It really is up to the individual so don’t be shy and try them all out to find what works for you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to give yourself a bit of love during a new moon. Affirmations go hand in hand with manifestation, you need a bit of self-confidence to reach those goals! So, use that energy as a driving force to get what you want out of life. A new moon means new beginnings and opportunities so grab them with both hands.

Second year journalism student in DCU.
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