How to Incorporate Sustainable Decor into Your Home

So, you’ve been stuck working from home for the last year and you’re starting to grow tired of, well, everything in your house. You want to give the place a little revamp and you want to do it sustainably (good on ya!). 


Sustainable decor means making your house look lovely whilst creating minimal waste, or ideally, no waste at all. With so many affordable and trendy decor options available online, it can be tempting to revamp your space every year. However, all this trendy stuff quickly becomes untrendy and looks a lot less lovely when it ends up in landfill. Sustainable decor attempts to avoid this fate. 


So, how do you do it? 


Of course, the most sustainable thing you can do is to buy nothing at all. Look at what you already have in the house. Try swapping things with friends. Have a rummage through the attic, the shed and the cupboards for unwanted or unloved goodies. If you’re looking for a more vintage aesthetic, check out your Granny’s house! 


Most of my decor consists of vases, ornaments, and chairs that I stole, I mean repurposed, from my extended family’s homes. Our houses are filled to the rafters with furniture and decor sitting in dusty, box filled rooms, just crying out for another moment in the sun.


If your friends and family don’t have anything that you love (or just won’t allow you to haul their furniture away) then try your local charity shops or online resellers like Depop, Facebook Marketplace or Done Deal. 


Wall art is another easy, sustainable, and cheap way of transforming your space. If you want to add colour and texture to your space try hanging a tapestry, or a big silk scarf. If you’re an arty type (or know someone who is) then why not display some original work. 


If art is not your calling, then check out graphic prints online. I personally love Jam Art Prints or Jando Design’s Irish prints. Unlike bulky furniture or frames, these options don't require long term commitment. They’re cheap and cheerful so if you decide a year down the road that you want to shake things up again you can easily recycle them or give them to a friend.


We’ve all been spending a bit too much time in our homes lately but as much as we all want to freshen up our space, it’s important to take things slowly. Don’t let the trends dictate your decor. Try to think about what will stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and style. 


Just a few small changes and your new zoom background will be looking lovely (and sustainable) in no time!