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Hot AND Cold, Repurposing Your Summer Clothes For Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

My Auntie Deirdre said to me once ‘clothes don’t have a season, they have endless possibilities’. Now I don’t know about you, but I think she is talking some serious sense there. Let’s be real, I don’t go out and spend loads of money on clothes to wear them for half of the year and shove them into the vacuum pack bags under my bed for the other half. In this economy? With the way the climate is going? Not. A. Hope.

Five years ago, I would have never thought of wearing summer clothes in winter. These days I’m gasping to keep wearing my clothes throughout the year. With the fast fashion industry still very much speeding along it’s so important now more than ever that we venture to re-wear clothing pieces. We shouldn’t do this just to save ourselves a few bob but to protect the rights of workers and to take care of our climate. So, here’s a few ways you can take summer pieces and make them fit for winter!

Your biggest friend in this process is layering. This is the main way you can take your gorge summer clothes to cosy winter looks in seconds. The rolodex of outfits you can have by using this technique is genuinely endless and it is something I love to do to keep warm in my summer clothes as the temperatures drop.

The things you’re 100% going to need are tights, long sleeve t-shirts and of course, jumpers. Simple and easy pieces that everyone has lying around the house from that one time. Adding a long-sleeved t-shirt, or even a button up for some extra spice, underneath your favourite summer top or even jumpsuit can be a great way of bringing it forward into winter. 

Choose undershirts that complement your summer clothing piece. Neutral tones are all in for winter but don’t be afraid to try some colour blocking with jewel tones as we head into Christmas, darker colours bring the warmth that the sun no longer provides us with!

Jumpers are one of my favourite pieces of clothing in existence. It is a known fact that at any given moment I possess at least 10 jumpers. This is something I am working on cutting down, but it is difficult when they’re all so cosy! Popping a jumper on with your cute midi skirt from your holiday for extra warmth is a match made in heaven. If you’re prone to the cold, some tights in any colour could be of assistance because as much as we love Marilyn Monroe, we don’t exactly want our skirts to fly up like hers!

Now if you know me you know I love a little sundress. Any colour, any pattern, any fabric, I love them. Repurposing these pieces has never been easier. If you need some extra warmth but still want to be fancy, pop on a pair of tights and a long sleeve top underneath the dress. But something I have been doing for years that I do all through the year is wear my sundresses as tops. 

With some strategic tucking I can create a beautiful little top and put on some jeans to create a more casual look and of course, keep my legs warm as the winds chills my bones. This is my holy grail tip; you’re getting two or three outfits out of a single bit of clothing for the price of one. Not to toot my own horn but I am a bit of a genius.

So, there you have it, a few insanely simple ways for you to keep your body warm as you’re battered by the elements outside. It may not be summer anymore but we can trick ourselves into thinking it is!

Senior Editor. Your Culture Vulture. Law and French.