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Her Campus DCU’s 2021 Fashion and Beauty Trend Forecast

New year, new trends! Without a doubt, 2020 was fueled with interesting trends, many stemming from TikTok. From whipped coffee to sweater vests, Euphoria inspired eye looks to the WAP dance. 2021 has some competition! Here are some of the fun, flirty and flamboyant trends coming your way.



The 70’s and 80’s are coming back! Popular fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar had the latest trends to share from Spring Fashion Week. From showcasing big shoulder pads to windbreakers, you will be looking like your favourite character from Stranger Things without having to teleport. Mullets have also been slowly coming into style with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus already rocking the look. The combination of the two will definitely make you feel like you can defeat any Demogorgan! 


The catwalk also saw two extremes – monochrome or feel good patterns. While some designers such as Tom Ford and Christian Dior opted to continue the tye-dye trend, others such as Louis Vitton and Valentino stuck to neutrals, black and white. Whatever style you prefer, 2021 will be the year to let you express yourself. One day you can wear a crazy snake print patterned dress from River Island to a sleek beige cardigan from Zara the next.


2020 saw us sitting at home A LOT! We traded our uncomfortable jeans for a dreamy matching tracksuits. The variety that came was ironically unmatched from pyjama like sets to sleek streetwear. According to the latest Pinterest Predicts Report, Athflow will come into style with our new found work-from-home regime. Described as “professional enough for the ‘office’, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the sofa”, athflow is welcomed with open arms. 



Let’s take a trip through memory lane… in 2014 bold block brows were the hottest thing on Instagram, until everyone realised that was NOT a look. In 2018, the soap brow came into style and everyone was making their brows as fluffy as possible. In 2021, let me introduce you to what is called the “Rainbrow”. Not quite the everyday look, but this year will bring the amalgamation of bold and fluffy brows with a hint of colour! Many beauty gurus such as James Charles have been incorporating this in conjunction with beauty eye looks. Would you rock a purple brow on a trip to your local Tesco? 


Skincare became a big focus in 2020. With going out being virtually non existent since last March, many have retired glam makeup. 2021 will see the further expansion of natural “no makeup-makeup” looks. With brands such as Glossier being already very popular, the dewy skin look is rising in popularity. Other brands such as L’Oreal have announced that by 2025 all of their products will be eco-friendly. This new wave of “skinimalism” is both effortlessly chic and sustainable. 


Lastly, graphic eyeliner has been very popularised online. Ariana Grande featured a beautiful white liner in the Rain On Me music video with Lady Gaga. Social media influencers such as Addison Rae often showcases a variety of colours both on TikTok and red carpet events. This eyelook will spice up any outfit without having the hassle of making sure all your eyeshadow is perfectly blended. 


Whatever 2021 brings, it will surely be better than 2020! Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and yourself. But always remember, be a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

Your local Aries HerVoice DCU Podcast Co-Ordinator
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