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Sexting is a form of communication that puts the sexy into texting, and when in the time of an ongoing pandemic, it might be the only thing we got to keep our fires burning. For anyone, the process of sexting can be seen as a daunting idea, or some of you might even be asking ‘What is sexting?’


In its simplest form, sexting is the sending and receiving of sexually suggestive or explicit texts, photos, or videos between two people. Sexting is a tool to get the juices flowing and helps the imagination to create those fantasies we all look for especially during COVID.


However, it is important to remember if you are open to sexting, sending anyone an explicit message or photo should stem from your comfortability and awareness.


‘Sexting can be fun in any relationship but the important thing is to make sure that you can trust the person’ said a DCU student (21), who wished to remain anonymous.


‘When you feel comfortable in the relationship it is a lot easier to be open to sexting’ she added.


Sexting should never be initiated due to pressure from a partner or other, it should be based on trust and your choice, because your body and what you do with it, will always be your choice.


‘My advice would be to only go as far as you feel comfortable, think about what turns you and share that with your partner’ said the DCU student


Consent is also another vital aspect of sexting. 


‘Consent is so important when it comes to sexting it has to be a two-way street where both parties are interested and on the same page about a sexual relationship even if it is only virtual’ said the DCU student.


‘At the end of the day, a sexual message without consent is just creepy and no one wants that’


It is always important to ask for consent even when sexting, unsolicited sexual messages can be seen as an attack and invasion of a person’s personal space. 


Just because you’re feeling good about yourself and feel the need to share your body, does not mean you should, even if you are romantically involved with someone.


When it comes to sexting, it doesn’t really matter about the posing or the lighting for the perfect video or picture.


It’s about you, what you are comfortable with, and to ensure that the person you are sexting is trustworthy, and will respect your body. Sexting isn’t for everybody, however, it can be fun and exciting in a safe and accepting environment.


‘Forget about your inhibitions, it’s not as complicated as you may think’ concluded the DCU student.

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