Gaga’s Beauty Brand is Less Than Expected

"The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand,” Lady Gaga says in the promotional video for her new beauty brand Haus Laboratories, “...but that’s too bad.”

The video titled ‘OUR HAUS. YOUR RULES.’ expresses in just one minute the translation of Gaga’s image into a few products. “Beauty is how you see yourself, your glam, your expression, your artistry,” Gaga says, finishing with “We want you to love yourself.” - a phrase which tilts the entire business model of the beauty industry on its head.

The Haus Labs collection includes lip and eye liner, lip gloss, and shimmery liquid eyeshadows. Interestingly enough, the brand also has what they call “eye armour”, which is a stick on wing to imitate winged eyeliner. Their other accessory is the armour masque, a face sticker in collaboration with Face Lace, which imitates a sort of masquerade look. 

Gaga has been questioned for her choice to collaborate with Amazon prime to release this collection, however, the price point is not to be criticised as it is perfectly in line with other releases of its type.

The liquid eyeliner, for example, is 20 euro, and lip glosses are 19 euro. A set (including lipgloss, eye shimmer, and lip liner) costs 52 euro, a saving of 4 euro if you would otherwise buy separately. 

Sale of the products was announced and available for pre-order in July, however, was not available until September.

Gaga’s shimmer liquid shadows have been compared to the same types of products from brands Stila and Covergirl. When compared to these, Haus laboratories doesn’t stand the test. The Haus shadows have been said to have glitter fallout, while some other products in the range are said to not withstand the test of time - and wear off quickly. 

One thing that reviewers such as Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, and JenLuvsReviews - some of the most trusted makeup reviewers on the platform - have all said in common, is that the products in this collection are good quality, however nothing special. In essence, this line is for Gaga superfans who want to have a piece of any merch they can and who enjoy the marketing campaign’s message.