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Family VS Friends, Who to Take for a Trip Away!

Sometimes you need to make tough decisions. Should you go to Paris or Madrid for the summer? Who should you bring along? Your besties? Your partner? Or maybe just try to sell the idea to your parents and hope they’d buy into it? 

HerCampus is here to shed some light on your options. 


Family bonding

You don’t need to worry about finance if you’re travelling with your parents, and you strengthen the family bond too. It’s a great way to unwind if you’ve been going through a rough period. 

“(Everything) is taken care of. All you’ve got to do is chill, eat and take pictures,” says Sonia, 22.

Sure, you might go for a pint or two with family members as well but you probably won’t get any wilder than that. In most of the cases, you might as well forget flirting with that hot guide you’ve been eyeing since day one.


Travelling with the besties

You get to properly relax and have fun. You have those moments where you just talk until 2 in the morning about your childhood traumas, your past relationships and your favourite TV shows. 

Plus, if you’re single, going on a trip with your friends will be much better for your hookup prospects than going with your parents. 

“You do not shy away from being crazy or experimental with friends,” says Sonia.

However, this is where you’ll notice all the big differences between you. 

You’ll be too eager to check out all the museums and interesting venues, and they would want to go shopping or they will want to return to the hotel a lot earlier than you. You’ll want to go to that restaurant where they have dishes with obscure names, and your friends would want to stay in the ‘safe’ cuisines.

(Or just as bad, you’re the one getting dragged to places.)

What’s more, there are financial issues you would also need to consider too. 


Get you some quality loving time

Going on a trip together might be the perfect way to get to see a different side of your partner, especially if you’re early in the relationship.

There’s a great opportunity for romance, where you get to see a new side of them. Then again, you may be so focused on each other that you don’t socialize much with others, and meeting new people is one of the best things about travelling.

“If you argue, you only have each other!” says Elizabeth.


Final verdict

Choosing your travel buddies depends on what do you want to do. Do you want to be comfortable and relax? Do you want to try new things? Or do you feel like you need some alone time with your partner? It’s your pick.

Journalism student still figuring out life. I'm from Bulgaria and I've traveled around a lot, though not as much as I'd like to. Currently I'm in Ireland for my postgrad year. I love to experiment with the various areas in journalism, so you could see me write about pretty much anything.
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