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The climate crisis is obviously a key issue facing everyone in modern society. Out of everyone, children are arguably the most affected, as they are growing up to live in a world that will be very different to what most adults have experienced.  

In conjunction with ‘RTÉ on Climate’ which ran from Nov 11 to 15, RTÉ Junior Radio produced a podcast for children called Ecolution, which aims to educate young people on the crisis and what it means for the environment. It discusses what they can do to help the fight against climate change.  

The podcast was hosted by 16-year-old climate activist, James Dunne. The five-part series was released everyday throughout the week. Each episode is around half an hour long and delves into a different topic. 

The podcast offers children practical tips that they and their family can implement to help the environment but also gives them context to their efforts and explains how their actions will benefit the planet.  

The podcast visits people around the country who are doing their bit to help save the planet. It talks to a forest school in the Phoenix Park which aims to connect children and nature, a group of climate activists cleaning a beach, and a power plant that can turn rubbish into electricity.  

The episodes are a mixture of interviews with adults, who share their knowledge of climate change, and talking to children of all ages to see what their take on the climate crisis is. We hear lots of soundbites of live environment workshops and classes as well as the reactions of the children taking part in them.   

Interviewees include Shane McGuinness, a conservation researcher from NUI Galway and Lara Hanlon, a designer who discusses sustainable food choices.  

Dunne is a charming and well-spoken host who brings a light-heartedness to what can be a very serious topic at times. He makes jokes and adds in sound effects that keep the podcast entertaining and funny. The language is easy to understand and breaks down difficult topics so that children can understand them on a very basic level. 

‘RTÉ on Climate’ is a week that is run by RTÉ alongside Science Week. It featured new programmes that examined the climate crisis and sustainability issues in Ireland and on a global level.  


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