Easing Yourself Back into Socialising Without Offending Your Friends

Restrictions being eased gives people the opportunity to meet friends in a socially distanced environment, however, it can also cause new anxieties.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused society to change to a new way of living and socialising has become a new guilty pleasure.


Meeting friends is a great way to mentally reset, although it can be an additional stress that you are not able to yet face. 


“I think firstly that you should be honest with your friends about the situation. Don’t try and come up with different excuses as that will lead to tensions,” said Hannah Daly.


Covid-19 unfortunately has instilled fear of contracting the virus within society when it comes to socialising.


Although socialising is legal within a socially distanced environment, the risk of contraction is still valid.


“Be honest with your friends. Communicate that you don’t feel comfortable seeing people from outside your household as you don’t want to be responsible for bringing the virus into your home,” said Daly.


Compromise is also a component of day-to-day life now, if you want to take precautions for example wearing masks when meeting your friends, you have a right to express these wants.


“Look to compromise with your friends. Ask them that when you guys meet it to be outside and that people agree to wear face masks to reduce the risk of spreading the virus,” said Daly.


You also need to remember when you have these anxieties and concerns, that you are not the only one experiencing these thoughts. 


The pandemic has encouraged an anti-social lifestyle, and there has to be a level of understanding and reasoning behind not attending events.


“I think it’s very 50/50 because a lot of people I feel like would be very understanding and sympathetic,” said Sophie Morrin


“I do think it is a situation where just because you’re comfortable with it doesn’t mean other people are and it’s perfectly normal if you’re not.”


When it comes down to making a decision, it truly depends on how you feel. If you aren't ready to socialise, and feel unsafe, then make a choice based upon yourself and not other people.


Communicate to your friends how you are feeling and if your friends are truly your friend they will understand.