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2019 has been a great year for construction workers and hotel managers in Dublin, and unfortunately not so good for the city’s culture.  


However, there are still some gems hidden in plain sight that keep Dublin’s colour and pop alive.  


The first one we have to mention is a portrait of the pop star, Lizzo, feeling good as hell on the corner of Chatham Row and South William St.  


Lizzo tweeted her love for the street art, which was painted by street and graphic artist Emma Blake.  


Blake also created the portrait of the character Sister Michael from TV show Derry Girls beside the Bernard Shaw, which shows the nun throwing her eyes up to heaven saying “Another hotel? Christ.” 


This portrait highlights the public frustration of more hotels being built and the significant loss of culture in this city.  


Grantham Street is home to another gorgeous piece, ‘U Are Alive’ by artist Maser. 


This vibrant creation came before the vote for marriage equality and Maser tweeted the dedication of his art to journalist Una Mullally and “her fight against wrong.” 


Maser is also the creator of the very famous ‘Repeal the 8th’ mural. However, the piece was removed from the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar after it was deemed ‘political activity’ and therefore in breach of the Charities Act 2009.  


The picture was painted over in blue paint in April 2018. 


Another great piece of street art is just outside our door here in DCU. A bunch of adorable pups painted onto the side of an electricity box, what more could you want?! 


This piece of work depicts eight different types of dogs and reads “Love your differences”; just what everyone needs to hear before a day of lectures!  


Lastly, a home for graffiti and street artists galore; Tivoli car park on Francis Street.  


Every year around the time of the Cheerios Panto in the Tivoli theatre there would be something different painted on the walls of the car park. 


This wall is a canvas for any and all artists to contribute to and adds a great sense of imagination and colour to Dublin.  


There are so many more vibrant works of art around Dublin city, so take a stroll someday soon, as they’re not hard to find.  

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