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Once again, just like that, January disappears and everywhere you go is covered in love hearts and shops are filled with teddys and chocolate as far as the eye can see. Valentine’s day hi, how are ya?  

So, is it a Galentine’s or is it a date night? How can you tell your partner that you want a quiet night in, you’re too broke to celebrate, or that Valentine’s Day really does not appeal to you?  

So, if your significant other (s/o) is planning all of the wonderful things for you to do together and you’re really not feeling it, then it’s probably best to be honest with them, although it can be a difficult subject to approach. Compromise is always important of course. If you’re on the receiving end of this conversation, try and understand your s/o’s point of view, maybe look into making it a more lowkey Valentine’s day.  

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Valentine’s day, why not cook a romantic dinner together? Follow it up by watching a movie and just enjoying each other’s company. Another simple and cheap idea is a hike; Howth cliff walk and bray head are two fabulous spots to go and just be with each other (bonus points for turning the phones off).  

Lastly nothing says ‘I love you’ like screaming at your lover over a board game. This is the one time screaming the word ‘cheater’ at your partner won’t end in heartbreak (unless you’re fiercely competitive and cheating in monopoly is too much to overlook, then fair, because same). 

For our single ladies out there, if you’re looking for date ideas that you can do with your girls for Galentine’s day why not try somethings new and exciting such as an escape room (creds to Seventeen magazine for the fun idea), you can challenge yourselves and celebrate by going out for drinks. Sticking to basics, nothing beats a girls’ night in like a takeaway (order about four different takeaways and dig in, diet? We don’t know her) and about five terrible rom coms and a massive box of chocolates. Even better do a secret Galentine’s (think secret Santa but with overpriced chocolates) and buy each other something small. 

No matter what you do this Valentine’s day, make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself! And remember, we at Her Campus still love you! 


BA in Economics, Politics and Law DCU. Currently studying European Union Law in The University of Amsterdam. Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DCU 2020/2021!
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