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Do Fashion and Music go Hand-in-Hand?

Have you ever thought you could tell what music people listen to from the way they dress? Or expected people to dress in a certain style depending on their favourite artist? We’re not talking band tees or artist merchandise here. 

Of course, clothes in modern society are a way to express yourself, and to express an emotion or mood. But culture and stereotypes also play big parts in the way in which we dress ourselves. 

Speaking to Forbes, clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner said, “Shopping and spending behaviors often come from internal motivations such as emotions, experiences and culture. 

“It helps you figure out where you fit in,” she said. “Especially now, with the economy, with people losing status, maintaining a sense of who we are becomes even more important. Our clothes help place us where we think we want to be.” 

Any music lover will know that there is a community surrounding every artist and genre. Certain styles of music have certain stereotypes relating to their fanbase, for example the metal and rock scene are traditionally a crowd of goths wearing black clothes, then pop music is covered in pastel colours and personalities just as bright.  

Perhaps the artists themselves also influence their fans’ fashion with their merch. If certain colours and motifs are on offer at concerts or fan sites, it wouldn’t be surprising to see fans copy the styles and ideas promoted.  

But it could be becoming a thing of the past. Growing up it felt like there were very few styles to choose from, and it would be strange to see someone dressing outside of one of these trends. But as fashion and casual clothing becomes more exploratory and unconventional, perhaps style does too. 

Expressing yourself through clothes has never been so easy or individual, so it’s not as easy to relate fashion to music taste. You should always wear what you feel confident in, not what makes you fit in. 

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