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Divine Femininity: A Practice of Self-Love

The best act of self-care one can perform is self-love and appreciation. One way to practice this is through divine femininity.

As discussed in last week's article about modern day witchcraft, Divine Femininity is a spiritual concept known by many names like Shakti in Hinduism, Venus in Roman Mythology, Lunar Energy and 'Yin'. 

It's a form of energy we all have and is symbolically linked with the moon, water and Gaia (Mother Earth). It is 'one half' of the Spirit of Life, like the Divine Masculine.

 It can be thought of as the feature of the self that is associated with sensuality, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and intuition. You can express your Divine Feminine by honouring and expressing your emotions, loving yourself and your body and vocalising your inner wisdom. 

There are many ways to connect to the Divine Feminine:

Express and Embrace Sensuality

This is not necessarily meant to be taken as embracing sexuality, but it can of course include it. It means connecting to your senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch; for example by lighting incense, eating your favourite tasty foods and enjoying all the physical pleasures linked to the senses.

Connect with Nature 

Nature is highly important for expressing your Divine Feminine. Spending time outdoors in touch with Mother Earth is key as this is where feminine energy is abundant. 'Grounding' is a practice used to connect with nature where one walks barefoot in the outdoors. 

This could be 5 minutes walking through the grass in your garden, or a walk down a sandy beach but it really links you to nature, putting you in touch with the Divine Feminine.

Prioritise Yourself and Practice Self-Care

Journaling your thoughts and emotions. Daily affirmations. Meditation. These are all great ways we hear often that are used to practice self-care, but it can also be simply having a nap, lighting a candle and going on a short walk. Placing yourself as the most important thing in your life is expressing the Divine Feminine.

Moon Rituals

The moon is a feminine symbol representing immortality,  enlightenment, and the dark side of Mother Nature. One of the most common moon rituals to perform is the collection / creation of 'moon water' during a full moon. 

Leaving a glass or water on a windowsill of a dark room where the moon light will reflect on the glass for a large portion of the night creates 'moon water'. This can be used to clean your crystals, to add to your diffuser, to add to your drinking water and to water plants!

Incorporate with 'Yin' Energy into Your Home. 

'Yin' energy relates to the notion of 'Yin and Yang'. Balance, harmony and femininity. This means the use of calming colours, prioritising light and a 'feng shui' style of home decor into your space.

The Divine Feminine is seen through many religions and spiritual traditions and is a beautiful part of modern day witchcraft.

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