DCU Fashion Show 2017: The Evolution of Style

The Helix DCU

On Wednesday 1st of March DCU’s Style Society held its annual fashion show. DCU’s most fashionable event of the year took place in the Helix. The show consisted of some amazing designs from various retail stores all across Ireland. The theme of the show was The Evolution of Style, showcasing the best of fashion from the past and future. I, myself, was working backstage during the show and the excitement was nothing short of exhilarating.  

While the fashion show only lasted one day, the preparation began months ago. Between the choreography, the styling and sponsorship it took months and months of organising. The show was completely different from anything DCU has seen before. The show even began with one of the models palying the piano and and the jumping straight onto the runway. 

The clothes were gorgeous, which were all chosen by the amazing team of stylists. The stylist spent months searching for the best clothes and they certainly did! There were clothes from some great shops such as Tola Vintage, Nine Crows, Forever 21, Best Menswear and even Penneys!  

From the beginning to the end, the whole experience was such a buzz. Backstage the atmosphere was electric. Everybody was so excited for the show. Everyone was working like a well-oiled train, ensuring everything was in place and ready for the models. There were clothing rails positioned backstage and dressers, like myself, to keep everything on track and so that the models to have a quick and speedy change-over after each walk.  

After each walk, the models had to quickly change into a different outfit. Some models had two or three minutes to change outfits. While this time was still relatively short it wasn’t as stressful when a model would only have fifty seconds to change into an entirely new outfit. What was even more tricky was when the male models had to change into a three-piece suit in such a short amount of time!  

At the interval of the show, the final of the Project Young Designer took place. The semi-final was previously held in The Helix back in February and the winner was announced later that night, only adding more excitement to the night. While the PYD was on stage, the models were getting touch ups on their makeup from the Inglot Pro Makeup Team. The first half of the show had gone done a success, so everyone was even more excited for the second half of the show. And of course, it didn’t disappoint!  

The show was a huge success and an unforgettable experience. At the end of the show the Chairperson, Rheanna Waters, and Vice-Chairperson, Shaylyn Gilhaeney, gave a quick speech thanking all who had taken part in such a tremendous event. I must say it was a truly fantastic show and a great experience. Even though I was only backstage and my role was relatively small, you couldn’t help but get wrapped in the craziness of the fashion show.  

Photos by Andrew McConnell