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Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty you Need to Add to Your Basket

When the year kicked off it was hard to scroll through our feeds with seeing #Veganuary2021 pop up. According to the founders of the movement a record 400,000 people worldwide signed up to the month-long challenge. Yet making the plant-based switch goes beyond just diet, in fact it extends into makeup. 

Cruelty free, vegan cosmetics don’t strictly have to be for vegans, they can be for those who want to do their bit for the environment and animal welfare. For makeup lover, Grace Horgan, making the big lifestyle change wasn’t an option. 

“Unfortunately, at the current moment in time I am unable to convert to vegetarianism or veganism due to underlying medical issues, so I like to do my bit for the planet and the animals in other ways, this includes wearing vegan leather, no fur, drinking dairy alternatives, and of course, vegan makeup.”

Cruelty Free International reports that more than 115 million animals are used for animal testing around the world on an annual basis.

Some people may believe that vegan, cruelty free products are more expensive or difficult to access. Once upon a time this might have been the case but Grace is adamant that the times have changed. 

“Initially yes there was a change in price point but purely again, because of availability. My first vegan foundation cost me 35 quid in 2017 and the one I use now costs me 15 quid and does the same job. There has been a large emergence of vegan brands lately that the prices have to be competitive nowadays.”

Vegan cosmetic options are almost endless now. Penneys’ PS… own-brand makeup range offers some great staples. From foundation to brows, they literally have you covered at a very reasonable price point. You can shop the range here.

For another budget friendly option look no further than e.l.f cosmetics. The company have been committed to PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies campaign since 2005. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free. You can find e.l.f products in Boots stores across the country or shop their products here.

Another common question is what is the quality like? Grace shared similar concerns at first. 

“I was definitely worried about the quality difference, especially with the eyeshadow. Your standard red and purple eyeshadows contain an ingredient called carmine, which is essentially crushed up beetles. I can say that some of my favourite reds and purple are vegan shades and that most vegan palettes have amazing colour payoff with little to no fallout, which is ideal.”

Grace’s go to palette? “One of my all-time favourite palettes to use is the Bright Matte 42 colour palette by Beauty Bay – It’s 25 quid but it’s massive and has every colour you could ever possibly need – neutrals, brights, neons, pastels, everything!” 

Shop the palette here.

For a smaller, up and coming gem look no further than Axiology Beauty. The American brand prides itself on being “100% evil free.” Oprah Winfrey even offered the company her seal of approval. View their line on ASOS.

With so many options what maybe holding people back from making the move to vegan cruelty free beauty?

“I think they partly don’t want to due to misinformation about price and quality,” said Grace, “I think more people need to be informed of the versatility and improved availability of vegan makeup so we can slowly make the world a better place.”

Second year journalism student in DCU.
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