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You’ve probably seen hundreds of people using a Gua Sha on social media to sculpt their ideal face. If you’ve seen them, then chances are you’ve also wondered ‘what on earth is a gua sha?’ at least once.


Gua Sha is a tool from a Chinese medicinal ritual that increases blood flow and circulation, lifts and sculpts your face and drains away toxins. They can be used anywhere in the body, but are most popularly used on the face.


The tool can look quite intimidating, and the list of steps to do a Gua Sha facial could scare you away, but once you do one you’ll find your perfect routine!


It is best to use your Gua Sha every morning to help depuff the skin. Start with your regular cleansing routine and add a few drops of facial oil. Please do NOT use this on dry, bare skin as it can pull at it and cause irritation and wrinkles.


Use the heart shaped side of the tool and scrape upwards from the side of your neck to your jawline. Repeat this five times on each side and the middle of your neck, extending to your chin.


Next, take the heart shaped side and scrape from the corner of your lip, along your jawline to your ear. Your jaw should sit in the indent of the Gua Sha. 


Move up your face from your upper lip, with your cheekbone resting on the indent. Repeat 5-10 times in an upward motion from your lip up to your cheekbones.


Scrape the Gua Sha upwards on your nose, using the heart shaped side before moving on to your eyebrow. With the flat side, start on your brow bone and scrape up towards your hairline. 


Move to the side of your eyebrow and scrape from the arch of your brow across your temple, also with the flat side of the Gua Sha. You can also use the rounded edge to depuff your eyes. 


Repeat each step 5-10 times on each side of your face. It is so important to never move downwards as that will irritate the natural circulation of your face. If your face goes a little bit red, that is completely normal as the tool will stimulate blood flow.


With a proper skincare routine Gua Shas can prevent breakouts and give your skin more clarity with a brighter complexion with regular use! Many people even find their natural bone structure is more defined. 


Grab your Gua Sha and start today! And be sure to take before and after pictures so you can be blown away by the results.

Journalism student and editor of Her Campus for DCU.
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