College Street Fashion

Fashion has become a part of life that we encounter every day.  Not that long ago, someone else was dressing us in awful yellow cardigans that our older sister wore when she was that age. In secondary school we were told that we couldn’t have pink or green hair and that our shoes were not the perfect shade of black.  

However, one day we began dressing ourselves and given the opportunity to truly discover who we are and who we want to be. Our clothes reflect our personality and what we wear is a way of speaking about ourselves without using any words. And where is a better to place to express ourselves? University. 

Dublin City University has an abundance of fashion savvy students with quirky styles and every hair colour imaginable. I spoke to three DCU students who take the time to carefully decide what they wear daily and keep up with the latest trends. 

Bebhionn Thorsch was more than happy to talk to me about her opinions on fashion and she is pictured wearing black leggings from Penney’s, which is present in every girl’s wardrobe and she believes leggings are perfect for the casual and comfortable look for a long day at University. She also wears a black cropped jumper which says, 'Do not touch' and she mentioned that slogans such as the REPEAL jumpers are an excellent way for people to "express their views and opinions through fashion."  

I then talked to two very enthusiastic people, Sean Kelly and Dana Berzan who expressed their love of vintage clothing and feeling unique in what they wear. Dana is wearing TK Maxx fishnet tights and black leather boots with an oversized jersey featuring a Gorillas head on the front. What topped off Dana's look was her sunglasses and blue hair. All the colours were quirky but looked great together and gave the impression of an outgoing and friendly personality. When asked what fashion meant to her, she shared the same opinion as Bebhionn which is, self-expression. 

Sean was wearing a jacket from The Vintage Shoop from Georges Street Arcade in Dublin city centre and underneath he wore a Freddy vs Jason tee shirt. His tracksuit bottoms were from JD Sports and his shoes were the very pricey Nike Air Max 97 Ultra Silver.  

What I found surprising in my research is that price is not a major factor when it comes to a piece of clothing that you cannot resist but a bargain always helps when you can find one. 

DCU is home to all kinds of fashion and you are sure to find someone who shares similar tastes as you with 17,000 very unique individuals.