College Kick-Off Playlists

1. Mood Booster 

If you’re feeling the post-summer blues, and need something to motivate you to get up and get onto campus, this is the perfect playlist.  

One of the great things about the Spotify-curated playlists is that they’re sure to be updated regularly and so they stay current - and absolutely full of bangers! 

This playlist features Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Panic! At The Disco, and Hozier! There’s something in it for everyone. 

2. Walk Like a Badass 

There are plenty of songs we all like to pretend we are in a music video for while we stare out of the windows of public transport, but when you want to walk around the middle of an unfamiliar city far away from home, or take your intimidatingly busy college campus by storm, this is the playlist for you. Songs which are lesser known but which suit the mood encompassed by the title PERFECTLY, this playlist gives confidence in the lowest of times. Absolutely, religiously, worth a listen.  

3. HIT Rewind 

Spotify does a whole series of HIT rewinds for different eras, but the penultimate HIT rewind playlist is a smorgasbord of songs you can’t help but love. If you’re not sure what mood you’re in and don’t want to think too much about your music choices, this playlist is a serotonin top-up like no other! Featuring Miley Cyrus, Soulja Boy, Beyonce and some One Direction. 

4. Beat the Sundzay Fear x 

This playlist is the first on this list that isn’t curated by Spotify, but instead but Spin1038 DJ Doireann Garrihy. Created by a skilled DJ, this playlist is a cool collection of tunes to lift your spirits and send you off on you merry way. Doireann has a small number of playlists, all full of bops for any time or type of day. 

5. Cheesy Hits! 

You knew it was coming. The Cheesy Hits playlist is ridiculously good, fun, bright, boppy, and wonderful. If you want every feel-good chemical to rush into your brain at once, this playlist is like an injection straight into your soul. It contains cheesy hits from past and present, and is updated regularly so it never starts to feel repetitive or dated. With Carly Rae Jepsen, McFly, Sugababes, and *NSYNC, this playlist rules over every other when it comes to pure good vibes.