The City Break Guide

When life gets too stressful or boring, sometimes all you need is a city break, to be able to take a few days and just explore and discover a city.


There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when planning a city break. From how many people are going on the trip to the kinds of activities you want to do.


One of the first things to look at is how many people are going on the trip. Ideally, the number would be small as it is hard to please everyone and let everyone do what they want over a small period of time.


The next step is deciding on a destination. The factors that come into play here are the places that are on the wishlist, what time of the year it is and whether or not you are willing to have to change your currency, if you are going on a city break having cash is essential. But depending on exchange rates, you may lose a lot of money when converting.


The budget for the break also determine the cities you can go. Some cities are cheap and so are the ideal location for a city break, these include Warsaw in Poland, Budapest in Hungary, Prague in Czech Republic and Athens in Greece.


Other cities have all the wanted factors but are expensive, so may not be worth the money for the short holiday. These cities are Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark, Venice in Italy, London in the UK and more.


When you choose your destination the next thing to do is to look at what the city has to offer. Does it have museums, galleries, entertainment or night life. Do you want to relax so the city doesn’t have to have a lot of attractions, or do you want to keep busy and do different things each day.


Cities like London and Dublin are greatly catered for tourists, with landmarks, and attractions all within close vicinity. These cities also have great museums and galleries, which are generally free and a fun activities to do in a city.


While other cities may not have museums and galleries, they can have historical sites or landmarks that are a good place to visit or have their own trademark activities like how Venice has the gondolas.


One major thing to take into account when planning a city break is to look at the public transport system because while a city can be cheap if they don’t have sufficient ways to get around you end up spending a lot of money on transport alone.


Other times the transport can be good but still cost a lot of money, the way around this is finding accommodation that is central enough that places are in walking distance but not too central that its more expensive because of its location in the city.


Overall the ultimate city break comes down to personal preferences and resources. One person’s ultimatte city break may be the complete opposite as another person’s.