Chair Ladies - What Society and College Life meant to me. Lauren Greene

Lauren Greene is a 20-year-old, final year English and Media student here at DCU. As her days on campus come to a close, I had a sit down with the talented writer and illustrator about her time at DCU and what college really means to her! Such an beautiful, raw and honest interview. 

What Course are you studying and what year are you in?

I’m in my third year of college, my last one, trying to bag myself a joint honours degree in Media Studies and English.

Why did you pick the course? Was it your first choice on the CAO form?

I’m someone who struggles to carry out something if I’ve no particular interest in it. So when I started thinking about what I was going to do after school, if I was going to go to college and if I did make it there what on earth could I possibly study, I figured it had to involve something I absolutely loved.

My secondary school English teacher knew that I loved English I think way before I even did. She took a real interest in what I had to say, and it was this that made me realize that I liked writing, even more, so I liked the response I got from it. So I decided Media Studies and English was a perfect way to exercise that.

My career guidance counsellor had this really awful rule about not moving CAO choices, I was told I can add some but not take any off. So my current course was not my first choice, my first choice was entirely too ambitious and demanding, even I knew it but I was encouraged to aim high. Not going to lie, I’m glad I didn’t get my first choice. I got my second one instead.

Are clubs and societies important to you? Could you pretty please tell me the societies/clubs you joined and what they mean to you!

I consider myself an introvert; I like to think so anyway. And participating in groups, putting myself out there essentially went directly against this. So initially, no, joining clubs or societies wasn’t that important for me. I had this idea in my head that you had to be outgoing in every sense. I will admit, I run from things that make me uncomfortable, instead of embracing them and trying to see the good that could come from it, I shut down and stress out. And this is exactly how I felt when it came to meeting new people.

HerCampus wasn’t the first society or club that I joined but it was the one I fell in love with.  Honestly, it took me a good few weeks to put myself forward for articles because I assumed there was this order of ascendency as in, I’m new and there are girls here who knuckle down and produce stuff every week, so just don’t intervene. Eventually, though, I did opt for some articles, I even wrote some of my own and sent them in. The first time I saw one of them get published on the website, I found myself waiting every Thursday for that new post of pitches on the Contributors Facebook page. I love what the society stands for and the fact that I’m only asked to do what I absolutely love to do, I found myself becoming one of those girls that week after week is taking pitches. Never once have I felt like I’m not good enough here, in fact, everyone is so determined to ensure that you know how brilliant you are.

College is filled with endless memories, what is favourite one?

Despite having somewhat of a reserved attitude towards things, I like to think that when a situation calls for it, brutal honesty is crucial. And so I’ll say that college wasn’t for me, and I’m sure for others too, it’s not what everyone pegged it to be. And so in that sense, I don’t have a favourite memory, not because there are too many for me to choose from but because none have stood out to me. A very pessimistic view on college life I know, but that’s how I honestly feel. Before college, I had a really tight-knit group of friends that I could surround myself with. And I was so comfortable that by the time college came around and everyone started doing things without me, I freaked out and felt left behind. I think that’s why I kind of have this attitude that college is just something you have to do, for things to get better. Definitely not the best way to think about things, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

What are your three College staples to get you through the day?

  • Earphones

An antisocial person’s best friend. Whoever said that life would be very dull without music was spot on. I couldn’t go a day without it; however, they forgot to mention the same for Ru Paul. Nothing sets me up for a day in college like a celebratory episode of Drag Race on the bus home.

  • A Book

One thing about my course is the constant reading. If I don’t have a book on me, I literally feel like I’m doing something wrong. Even if I don’t read a single page that day, at least I have the book with me.

  • Club Lemon

Nothing wakes you up for a 4 or 5 PM lecture like an ice cold bottle of club lemon.

Name A College Friend that Inspires You? 

Sam Stafford, I am not just doing this for you because of how much I know you want to be a part of HerCampus. Sam is probably (most definitely) my best friend. For a while, my family thought I was making him up because realistically, no one including me thought I would make any friends in college.

Sam is an inspiration to me because, for someone that I call an idiot nearly every day, he is quite frankly the smartest and funniest person I know. He’s Scooby and I’m Scrappy. And I can confidently say, as I have before if I didn’t have him I definitely wouldn’t be in college. He doesn’t mind listening to me hysterically moan about pretty much everything, nor does he mind if we sit in complete silence. A trait I have learned to worship because he’s the only person I know to have it.

Everything he does, he excels at and all without even trying. He is a one of a kind, limited edition person and unfortunately for everyone else, I call dibs.  

And lastly are the old gems correct in saying, ‘College Days Are the Days of your Life?’ 

No, they are not. I truly believe that college isn’t suited for everyone. Despite it being a somewhere bustling full of people and activities, I consider it to be potentially a really lonely place too. I’m only twenty-one, so I struggle to believe that the last 3 years of my life are the best it’s going to get, especially if I didn’t enjoy them all that much.

A lot of people ‘find’ themselves in college, I didn’t. And so I kind of find solace in the fact that I still have time to do that without having to force myself into something I’m not ready for. Getting a degree was just a thing I knew I had to do after school, to avoid getting a full-time job immediately and potentially staying there for who knows how long? Something I consider quite small in comparison to the bigger and better things that are to come, despite being completely clueless as to what they are.


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