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Bridgerton, the New Netflix Show that is Incomparable and Flawless

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Dearest Reader, Christmas has come and gone but one thing still stuck in our minds is Bridgerton. The period drama originally written by Julia Quinn has been produced by Shondaland and Netflix that gracefully swept into the Top Five Netflix Originals ever created after its release on Christmas Day.


The whole show is basically Love Island mixed with Gossip Girl, albeit set in 1813 Regency London. The balls planned are to match up the newest wealthy debutants of the social season with the most handsome man there. The families of the Ton must also watch out for the latest gossip columnist, Lady Whitsledown who is voiced by THE Julie Andrews. One simply cannot handle the sheer joy this casting brings.


The first thing that must be spoken about, the completely stellar cast! The beautiful ladies of the Town are of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, a theme which is desperately welcomed in aspect to representation. Their dresses, exquisite. Their hair, stunning. Their wit, sharp. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that these ladies have men lining up outside their houses with flowers and all sorts to try to woo them enough for an accepted proposal. A girl can dream.


The costumes worn by the ladies of the cast have taken the internet by storm. From the corsets to the simple yet intricate dresses and jewellery, many fans have been flocking various websites to purchase corsets of their own to do photoshoots. If anyone asks where I am this weekend, I’m frolicking through a field in a corset.


When it comes to standout characters, the ever-fabulous Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton takes the cake personally. From her iconic line in episode one to her quick wit and further life ambitions, she offers not only comedic relief but an insight into what many young women of that era may have wished for but could not have. Jessie adds such maturity to the role of the young woman and her delivery of the character is simply perfect.


Now, would you have seen men as handsome as the cast of Bridgerton in Regency London? I doubt it. I think many of us will be able to overlook that partial historical inaccuracy after watching the men of the Ton for eight episodes. The breeches, the boots, the chivalry, it’s all too much! The men of the series have definitely taken the internet by storm, with many of the show’s viewers needing a cold shower after some of the steamier scenes, one of which occurs up against a tree in the opening scene of the show. Do with that what you will.


Where to begin with Anthony Bridgerton? This role is played ever so wonderfully by Johnathan Bailey who perfectly embodies the protective oldest brother of the Bridgerton household. Anthony is often running from his responsibilities but then steps up after a scandal occurs in a certain garden between a certain pair. Bailey plays the role so incredibly well you’d think he really was Anthony Bridgerton in real life. Jumping from being ever so kind to his forbidden love, to preparing to knock seven bells out of his best friend, all while looking completely dashing is not an easy task yet Bailey does it with ease.


The soundtrack to the series MUST be discussed. While some of the soundtrack remains true to the era, we are also blessed with string covers of some of our favourite modern-day songs, Wildest Dreams cover by Duomo I’m looking at you. The music completely draws you into the scene as well as the incredible script. ‘I burn for you’, the standout line of the entire show will forever be etched into the brains of every viewer. 


All in all, Bridgerton is a complete knockout. It has quickly become a Netflix favourite, remaining in the Irish Top 10 since its release. I could not recommend this show to anyone more, I am totally obsessed! With its popularity, there is no doubt we will be seeing the Bridgerton family again for a season two hopefully in the not-so-distant future.


Bridgerton Season One is now streaming on Netflix so be sure to give it a watch and delve into the world of Regency Era London.

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