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Facebook stalking, endless shots and random and forced Coppers hook ups will only make you feel worse (ok, the third one not so much). Here’s how to best to get over a break-up: 

  1. Let yourself be sad…for a little while 

Having an emotional break is completely natural, and is needed. It’s ok to cry, scream, and listen to all the saddest songs known to mankind on infinite repeat, whatever helps. But give yourself a time limit, don’t wallow in it forever.  


2. Tweak your social media 

The last thing you need or want to see is your ex while casually scrolling, no matter how innocent or even nostalgic it may be. So, if you don’t want to unfriend or unfollow them just yet (it’s not easy to go cold turkey, we know), but just try to hide him from your news feeds. Avoid all emotional triggers at all costs. 


3.Talk it out 

Grab your nearest and dearest girls and have a good, open, no judgements rant and venting session. Research shows that putting feelings into words makes sadness and anger less intense. But do it over a few drinks, dinner or movie night, as an absolute bender will only result in you getting excessively emotional and having the temptation to text him at 3AM.  


4. Move 

No this doesn’t mean move house or town. According to research, if you move around your furniture it helps give a fresh perspective, which kind of gives you the kick you need to move forward.  At the very least, splurge on some new bedsheets, (ones he hasn’t touched) so now he’s out of your head and bed.  

5. Shake up your look 

A break-up doesn’t mean you need to chop all your hair off, or go a whole new colour. Your emotions are all over the place at the moment, so any big choices and changes you make right now, you may regret later. But little changes are good. Start by painting your nails a new colour, do some new makeup looks or even some highlights in your hair.  


6. Sweat it out 

Sticking to a regular workout routine reduces stress and tires the body (which makes it less likely to find yourself awake, staring at the ceiling at 2AM regretting every decision you ever made). Start a class, or join some sort of sport and fitness club. Putting yourself out there and meeting new people always helps take your mind of the negative. And who knows, the real Mr/Mrs. Right could be waiting for you here.  


7. Pamper yourself 

According to science, the brain can’t tell the difference between physical and emotional pain, so by giving yourself some TLC, you’re helping to soothe your brain, body and mood. Maybe get your nails done, hit up a spa, our use that facemask you bought and never got around to using. 


8. Challenge Yourself 

Always wanted to play an instrument or learn a new language? Do it! Taking up new things will help distract your mid from thinking about your ex. Even the tiniest challenge like coming up with a different outfit combination each day can have an impact. 


Ok, so you’re not 100% ready to get back out there just yet. But that’s ok, don’t stress.  But that doesn’t mean you quarantine yourself completely. Download tinder, do a bit of meaningless flirting, download the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and drool over Jamie Dornan. Keep that fire burning inside of you. Don’t let that flame die completely, for all those amazing people out there, just waiting to meet you and help you burn stronger and brighter than ever.  

Break-ups are tough, but stay strong and don’t let it break you down.  


Eimear is currently a Humanities Student in DCU, studying Music and Irish. You can usually find Eimear either binge-watching Gilmore Girls oe Ru-Pauls Drag Race. And if not..jamming out and fangirling over Musical Theatre. Eimear can be found daily sitting in the SU Offices on St.Patricks Campus or in Java drowning in coffee. Eimear mainly writes in the area of Relationships, Music and being ginger. Happy Reading xo
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