Body Candle Crazy


Pinterest. Instagram. VSCO. You can't scroll through one social media site without catching a glimpse of what is the latest craze: Body Candles.

These are simply candles moulded into the shape of a woman's body. 

Many of these candles started out with the same 'Kim K' type of figure in a white/beige shade of wax, but many shops have begun to create curvy figures, pregnant women and male versions of the candle too in a variety of colours!


Charlotte creates a huge variety of hand poured candles including body candles, shells and bubble candles in a huge range of skin tones from deep to a light nude, and even pink, red and light green. Her body candles are incredibly body inclusive with everything from hourglass to curves. She also offers a huge range of scents including vanilla, cherry amaretto, green apple and pomegranate blossom. All of these products are made using soya wax and natural oils.

Charlotte's body candles market for €15 each, or €22 for two.

This is our top pick for skin shade and body type diversity!


Crafted Candles, although offering less of a diverse body type variety, offer a huge range of scents to go with their candles including La Vie, Strawberry and Lily and Pinky Sands. The shade range includes neutral shades, pale pink and baby blue. All of these products are vegan friendly, using Kosher and Halal wax.

Crafted Candles body candles market for €10 each, or €15 for two.

This is our top pick for buyers on a budget!


Céilí is a Kerry based candle business that offers a gorgeous and unique twist on the body candles. She offers a huge range of colours including black, rainbow and emerald green. There's even an option to add gold leaf to your candle. She offers some gorgeous, distinctive scents such as Jellybean, Coffee and Tutti Frutti. All of these candles are made using natural soy, and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Céilí's body candles market for €15 each.

This is our top pick for anyone looking for an original, custom candle!

These candles are perfect gifts or just a perfect reminder that your body is perfect just the way it is.