The best of Irish beauty brands

It’s always great to feel like your money is supporting a worthy business, and especially if that business is Irish. Homegrown beauty brands are exploding, and the Irish Beauty market has become very competitive with many young entrepreneurs bringing fab innovative products to the market.

Here are our top 5 Irish-owned products that you need to try:


  1. Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips, €39.95


Spotlight teeth whitening is owned by Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, two Irish sisters who are fully qualified dentists, and have only brought their products to market last year, but exploded ever since. You get 28 strips in the box, and their products contain a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide so as to not damage the enamel of your teeth. They have also just launched a range of male products too. White teeth and no damage, win-win!


2. Wonder Pads, by Waxperts €8.95


CEO of Waxperts Ellen Kavanagh set up Waxperts salon in Dun Laoghaire in 2008 and then developed a range of products through their brand Waxperts Wax, that supplies our waxing products into salons and spas since 2012. These wonder pads are exfoliating pads were designed to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, so no more red bumps or after shaving or waxing!


3.  Blending Duo brush E25/26, by Blank Canvas €12


Una Tynan owner of Blank Canvas set up her business in 2011, and has grown very quickly since. They have a range of brushes, makeup palettes, and even collaborating with Pippa O’Connor to create a palette. This blending duo is the perfect brush, and allows you to create a whole eye look! Handy!


4. Absolute Cleansing Oil, by Kinvara €22.95


Joanne Reilly the owner of Kinvara skincare set up Kinvara 5 years ago. She has a doctorate in tropical ecology, working on endangered species, like elephants and rhinos. Fieldwork to Sumatra and earlier expeditions to Mauritius showed her how local people turned to plants as a natural resource, a natural apothecary. This cleansing oil is a used with a hot cloth and is excellent for dry skin, and removes your makeup excellently without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


5. Kendall Lashes from SoSu Beauty, €12.95


Blogger and entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson, created her beauty range 2 years ago, after pursuing a full time career out of blogging. The beauty line has now a huge selection of products ranging from the Complete Contour Palette, the Highlighter Kit, Luxury Lashes, The Hot Fire Signature Smoky Eye Palette and many more. These eyelashes are honestly one of the best lashes I’ve ever used, and you can get at least 5 uses out of them. Some love her some have strong words to say about her but there is no stopping Suzanne!