Astrology: the Sun, the Moon and Stars 

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Pisces season! Overtime I have slowly but surely become obsessed with Zodiac signs. From over analysing my moon and rising signs, checking my horoscope daily and asking my friend's what time they were born, I have learned that Astrology is much more complex than it seems. 

Zodiac signs go much deeper than slipping in how you're a Sagittarius into a conversation; there is a personalised birth chart behind every individual that describes them as a person both internally and externally. 

If you're reading this and wondering what's going on don't worry, you have come to the right place. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what the different planets, all twelve signs and the houses all mean. I am no Astrologer, just a girl who has been researching Zodiac signs ever since I read my first horoscope in Kiss Magazine back in 2009. Let's start with the basics - your sun, moon and rising sign. 


- Sun Sign - 

Most people will already know what their sun sign is, this sign is based on your birthday. If your birthday is December 29th congratulations you're a Capricorn, October 9th you're a Libra and so on. Sun signs represent the individual person and give a very generalised and basic description of these people. 

For example, I am a Pisces and our typical traits are being creativite, emotional and empathetic. Personally I relate to these characteristics, but other Pisceans might not think the same. Most people are under the assumption that their sun sign is all they are and that there is nothing else to their Zodiac, but it goes so much deeper. 


- Moon Sign - 

In Astrology the moon sign is a representative of your internal thoughts and emotions; most likely the details you don't share with others. In many cases, most people will relate to the characteristics of their moon sign over their sun sign. 

Personally I am a Virgo moon and on occasions I find myself relating more to Virgos than my Pisces sun. Your moon sign is calculated based on a mix of your date, time and place of birth to find the exact position of the moon at the time you were born. To figure out your moon sign, give your Mam a text and ask for the deets. One of the best places for anything Astrology is Co-Star, download their app or visit their site! 


- Rising Sign - 

Rising signs is the persona you present in social settings and the vibe people take from you. Also known as the Ascendent sign, many astrologers deems this sign as your 'mask' that you display for society. Your mind could be thinking one thing, but your actions will say another. Almost putting on a performance for others, especially in formal settings like first dates or job interviews we choose to keep our inner selves (moon signs) inside until we get to know someone and feel more comfortable. 

Rising signs change every few hours, so you and your birthday twin would share a sun sign but have different ascendants. You might have a Scorpio sun, but if your rising sign is an Aquarius people could assume you have the characteristics of an Aquarius rather than your sun sign. 


Astrology still goes deeper than your Big 3, analysing all of the planet and house placements within any given birth chart. If you are interested in learning more about Zodiacs, social media is the way to go. There are countless amounts of Instagram ages, Tik Tok accounts and YouTube channels that dive deeper into astrology.