Amy Schumer: Positive role model or problematic?

Amy Schumer is a comedian, actress and also an advocate for many pressing issues in today's society. She isn’t afraid to be open and express what she thinks. Some may think she takes big risks in how she acts and what she says but she is shaping a path for the younger generation and using her voice for good.  

A recent film the actress recently starred in,  ‘I Feel Pretty’ is one example of how Schumer is a good role model to girls and women in general.  

In this film, Schumer portrays a woman who isn’t happy in her body and doesn’t think she is good enough. It is then that she hits her head and completely changes - she believes that she is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. By the end of the film, Schumer then sees that she has to love herself for who she is and not let what anyone else says bother her.  

On her own explanation of the film, Amy said “Our movie is about how we all struggle with self-esteem. It’s not a tale of a homely fat woman finding her worth. It’s about a person who struggles with feeling invisible and not good enough.” She then finished off with saying “No striving for another version of yourself. Let’s love ourselves today. Just how we are.” In real life, Schumer also encourages this type of message.  

She is not afraid to share a picture on Instagram to her millions of followers of her with no hair or makeup done and in her underwear. Amy is in an era where young girls are looking up to supermodels and beauty bloggers and they aren’t getting a realistic outlook on what a positive role model is. 

This is where Amy Schumer stands out and outweighs all of what young girls think is expected in today's society. She has the platform to show them that success and happiness doesn’t depend on how you look. 

Amy expresses many social issues through her comedy and she also goes out and campaigns for major issues like gun control and mental health funding. She also has a strong voice in women’s rights where she always praises and encourages other females who are either in sport, film, music and acting who are trying to make a change in how women are treated and who are striving and working hard for women’s rights just like herself.  

Amy Schumer is a positive role model for many people - whether it is through her comedy, her acting or her campaigning. She has a voice that can be heard and she uses it for good. If people find her problematic or too “out there”, then it is themselves who need to go and look again at what a good role model is.