The Alkaline Diet! 

There are many different diets out there and they all promise to give you that 'summer body'  in about eight weeks, but let’s get real who actually sticks to a diet for 56 days straight? Not me anyway, I love my food!  

However, I was recently informed about the Alkaline Diet and I was immediately intrigued by it. This does require restrictions, it does involve some level of healthy eating, but you can do it in the 80:20 ratio, 80% healthy 20% bad.  

The Alkaline diet aims to make the pH of your body more alkaline. This in turn makes your insides all happy and decreases your risks of getting some diseases and illnesses. Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg said that “cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment, if your body is acidic there is a higher chance for cancerous cells to grow”. 


The alkaline diet isn’t hard to stick to and it mostly involves eating raw organic vegetables and drinking lot of green things. Fruit has a high acidic level so they should be kept to a minimum, lemons however are acidic but once digested the produce alkaline by-products so drinking fresh lemon water throughout the day is very good for you. In terms of meat and poultry buy free range, pasture raised, hormone free and organic for the best results.  

In terms of breaking the bank, this diet is suitable for even a student’s bank account. Buying organic products is more expensive, but, since you won’t be buying a whole lot of junk and vegetables aren't that expensive, going organic will not leave a major hole in you purs. There are a plenty  of websites to help you get started and you won’t regret doing it. Your whole body will feel more energised and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Your immune system will be running smoother and you will find yourself not catching the common cold or flu like everyone else.

                                                                                     Photos by Rachael Gorjestani and Alexander Podvalny