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Ain’t nothin’ gonna’ break your stride

Back to college can be a tricky time, settling back into the term can be really tricky if you’re not feeling yourself. If you’re anything like me, you might find change quite overwhelming and very hard to get used to, if I’m honest, I’ve only gotten used to it being summer and all of a sudden I’ve been slam dunked into a hectic semester one. I’m no expert in this, or anything really, but I have found some really useful things that have helped me chill the f*ck out recently;

Take deep breath


Yes, I know, you mam has probably told you many times to just take a deep breath and a step back from it all, and as unhelpful and stupid as it sounds, it actually works. So, next time you feel like you’re gonna have a ‘nervy b’, take a step back and breathe in through that pretty nose of yours and just let it out. If it doesn’t work at least a little bit, you can fight me, promise.


Take it one step at a time

The first lecture of each module can be very overwhelming, you’re trying to sober yourself up from the night before and there’s a complete stranger at the top of the room banging on about the assignment due in week seven, please stop. This is horrible, as much as we like to know exactly where each and every single mark is going, it’s week one mate, we don’t care about week seven yet, am I right? So just remember that, it’s week ONE! Don’t let yourself get worked up about things that are forever away, just ride it out, sure you’ve six weeks to nab yourself full marks, for now, just jot it all down.


Find *your* song

Find a song that makes you happy. Like when Meredith and Yang dance it out in Grey’s Anatomy, that’s what you need, a dance it out song. Find that one song that makes you forget about what’s going on around you for four minutes, it could be all you need. Even if you’re on the bus or walking up the road, if you have a song that makes you happy and puts you in your zone, dance that sh*it out girl, you’ll be glad you did.


Be kind to yourself

As the red beauty, herself says ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’. If you can’t get everything done in one night or can’t figure out where to start on an assignment don’t beat yourself up about it. We’ve all been there, more than once, trust me. Getting yourself worked up over something small is never going to get you anywhere in the long run. So, pat yourself on the back and say well done for getting this far, because any progress, big or small, is progress at the end of the day girl.

Talk to your pals

Nine times out of ten, your friends have been in the very situation as you are right now. This is why they’re god sends. We all experience different things at different times in our lives, so talk to your girlos about your problems, I’d put a tenner on it that at least one of them has felt the same way as you do now. Plus, you opening up about something might give one of your friends the confidence to talk too, and it’s always a plus knowing you can help someone else, smiles all round, heh?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m no expert on this or anything, but I know how hard it is to feel overwhelmed and alone and I’d hate to think anyone is going through that on their own. As one last piece of advice, I’d recommend you listen to the fabulous 80s song that is Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder, because, ain’t nothin’ gonna’ break your stride, nobody gonna’ slow you down, you’ve got to keep on movin’.

photo credit https://unsplash.com/@fadequ

Hi there! I'm Jodi, 22 and Irish. Currently studying Communications in Dublin City University. 'You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman'
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