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7 Female TV Characters We Could All Learn Something From

According to The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film in ‘The Boxed In’ report, 79% of the broadcast, cable, and streaming programs considered featured casts with more male than female characters in 2015/16. Having learned this, I couldn’t help but think about all the great female TV characters that taught me so much about life. So here we have it, my top 7 female TV characters that any girl could learn a thing or two from – P.S these aren’t listed in order.

1: Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and The City

Oh, Carrie Bradshaw. Where to start with this one? From fashion, men, sex and friendship, this girl has it all. One episode of Sex and The City and you will learn more than you bargained for. With nearly every episode being centred around one of Carrie’s articles for her column, Carrie goes into detail about problems she is having with men and by the end of the episode she has either over- come the problem or solved it, leaving her readers/viewers one problem wiser when it comes to those ever so pesky men. Carrie’s fashion sense is another thing we can take something educational away from, her clothes can be a little out there and maybe a bit whacky but they’re her and she loves them – showing us ladies that we should rock whatever the hell we want. we’re happy

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2: Lorelai Gilmore –  Gilmore Girls


Watching Lorelai be Lorelai in Gilmore Girls may have made you wonder why your mother wasn’t that cool when you were growing up. However, even though our own mothers mightn’t have been so cool and understanding during our awkward teenage years – this is what we can learn from Lorelai’s character. Lorelai didn’t have the easiest life, she was a teen mom, moved out of her parent’s house at 16 and lived to be a single mother to her daughter Rory. The independence and strength this woman shows throughout nearly every episode of GG is definitely something we can learn from.  Lorelai’s pursuit of her dream of owning her own Inn is a lesson to be learned; work hard enough and you will get what you want. If you don’t trust me, take it from Lorelai and her daughter Rory for yourself.


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3: Samantha Jones – Sex and The City


Samantha f*cking Jones, there is no better woman. If independence and self-love is what you’re looking to get a better grasp of then look no further than the blonde bombshell that is Samantha Jones. Not only is she super comfortable with her sexuality, she’s not afraid to tell men exactly what she wants.  A successful publicist, Samantha dominates her sector and shows how satisfying it is to be a successful, single woman. Samantha battles breast cancer in the later seasons of Sex and The City and makes sure she beats it, regardless of how many odds are against her. Ms Jones highlights the importance of having girl-friends too, she makes it her business to meet her gal pals, regardless of how busy she is and constantly declares her love for her 3 best girlos.


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4: Carrie Mathison – Homeland

Another successful career women, Carrie Mathison is the ultimate female badass. As an intelligence agent in the CIA, Carrie really does fight crime in the typical male character way. Carrie dominates her role as a woman in the CIA and never lets anyone tell her no. Carrie also battles with mental illness and is seen coming off her meds several times throughout the show.

How-ever many hiccups she has with her illness, she never lets it take over her and is living proof that you can have a fantastic job regardless of any mental illnesses that you may have to deal with.  She uses her sexuality to get close to her targets and always gets what she needs – she may just be the ultimate female boss.





5: Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl


Blair Waldorf is not only the queen of the upper east side, Blair Waldorf is the queen of everything. An episode of GG will not only bring you through the drama of the Upper East Side of New York city, it will show you how strong willed and determined Blair Waldorf is.  As one of the leading ladies in Gossip Girl, Blair teaches us a lot about growing up a teenage girl, from boys to fashion to more boys, more fashion and of course macaroons. Blair Waldorf shows us what it’s like to be a strong woman surrounded by dominating men. Blair constantly holds her own with Chuck Bass, showing him exactly what it’s like to mess with a Waldorf. Striving to always be the best that she can be and never letting anyone get in her way, Blair Waldorf is the ultimate idol for any girl growing up. She breaks boundaries, steps on as many toes as she has to and shows no limits if it means she gets what she wants.  If you’re looking for someone to look up to, Blair Waldorf is your woman.


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6: Rachel Green– Friends

Ah, salmon skin roll. Rachel Green is the girly girl of the friends, although she is described by fans as the whiney one and the most un-liked character, Rachel is one of my favourite friends, as a woman, she teaches us a lot. Growing up, Rachel wanted for nothing and was pretty much spoilt rotten. However, even at a young age, we can see the good in her. In school, Rachel was captain of the cheerleading squad and the most popular girl in school, yet she was still friends with Monica. In high school, Monica describes herself as the fat girl, she was in the marching band and as far as American high school clichés go, Monica was not the type of girl Rachel would naturally be friends with, yet they were best friends. Rachel didn’t care how heavy Monica was, or what she looked like, or how popular she was, all she cared about was how good a friend she was and that’s all that matters really. Rachel builds herself up from the girl who was most dependent on Daddy to a woman who knew how to look after herself. She is strong and courageous and never backs down, she believes in herself and knows she can go all the way with her career. No matter how many ups and downs life threw at her, Rachel always made it out the other side an even better woman.

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7: Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey has a whole TV show literally about her life. If that’s not a good place to start then where is? Meredith goes through so much crap in her life it’s actually quite hard to understand how she gets through it all, but at the end of the day she does and that’s where we learn. Meredith isn’t the most happy or positive TV character you’re ever going to come across and that’s something we need to remember while we’re indulging the greatness of Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith is person, with real feelings that are constantly getting to her, yet she puts one foot in front of the other and gets through the day. She finally meets the love of her life, McDreamy, and starts to live a happy life. However, as we know, that will all eventually come crashing down as Grey’s Anatomy obviously hates us being in love with its characters. Meredith is a strong woman. She is realistic in a sense that she feels everything, she goes through the pain and always comes out the other side. Meredith is a great mother and a great surgeon, she pursed the life she wanted. She got to where she wanted to be despite all the obstacles in her way. Strength ladies, strength.


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