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Wildcats All Grown Up: Alumna Spotlight featuring Chloe King, Social Media Manager at Bergdorf Goodman

The ‘Fashion at Work’ section of my April 2014 Teen Vogue held a special surprise for me.  After studying a photo of a cheerful-looking blonde in a yellow and blue ensemble, I started to read the magazine’s interview with Chloe King.  My eyes fastened immediately on the words Davidson College.  A Davidson alumna working in the New York fashion world?  Color me impressed.  Before I even finished reading the article, I knew I HAD to get in touch with Chloe.  I felt like I knew a celebrity.  After all, we’ve walked across the same grounds and taken classes in the same buildings.  Basically BFFs right?  Obviously, Chloe has accomplished a lot since graduation.  Want to know how she went from the Davidson soccer fields to the pages of Teen Vogue?  Look no further, my fashionable collegiettes. 

Name: Chloe King

Current Job: Social Media Manager at Bergdorf Goodman

Class Year: 2009

Davidson Major: Sociology

Eating House Affiliation: Connor

Davidson Activities: Women’s Soccer Team

The social media industry has grown exponentially since 2009.  Your current job didn’t even exist when you were at Davidson.  How did your Davidson education help you achieve your career goals?  How have you translated what you learned at Davidson (inside and outside the classroom) into your career?

The fact that Social Media didn’t exist as a career option when I graduated makes me feel a thousand years old!  But it’s a testament to the way that technology is constantly changing opportunities in the work place.  What doesn’t change is the way that Davidson prepares you to be a driven employee: focused, tenacious, curious, and understanding the importance of relationships.

Sociology has helped me in social media in that it’s always important to understand groups of people in their entirety.  Who is your target demographic?  How do they think, what do they do, what influences them?  The answer is often much more tangled than expected, which is what I find to be the most interesting part.

What advice would you give to a Davidson student who’s interested in a fashion career, given Davidson doesn’t have a fashion-related major?  What skill sets do you think are valued the most in your industry?

I was intimidated to apply for fashion jobs because there was nothing on my resume that showed I had any formal fashion education—which I didn’t.  So I had to get creative!  Read books on the history, start a blog, ask questions, get a job in retail.  Put together a portfolio of your favorite editorials and designers that inspire you so companies understand your point of view.

As I meet people from different college backgrounds, I realize more and more that Davidson is special because ___.

Of the people.

____ make(s) me nostalgic for my college days. 

Corn hole and Chick-fil-A

My favorite class at Davidson was ____.

Chemistry and Society.

In college, I would’ve been voted Most Likely to ___.

Run in heels.

It’s obvious that in your job no two days are alike.  How do you maintain peace and stability in your fast-paced life?  

A mophie charger so my iPhone never dies and an iced soy latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Instant sanity.

What do you see yourself doing in ten years, since social media’s role in society is constantly evolving?

I’d like to ultimately be a creative director, whether that be over a magazine, website, or retail group. A lot of what I do now is edit content (product images, editorial, features) to tell a cohesive and compelling story about the brand. While my tools are social media, I think it would be fun to see all the moving parts—advertising, styling, creative, etc.

What is your favorite social media platform?

Right now? Instagram.

There you have it ladies!  Straight from the lips of a former wildcat herself.  


With my pale skin and curly hair, it might look like I spend all of my days in the library--which I totally could because I LOVE to read--but I promise I don't. I am an avid subscriber to Vogue, Lucky, and InStyle (you can infer my passion for shopping from that, right?). When I can't find what I want on the racks, I'll sew it myself. Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are my style icons, not to mention stars in some of my favorite classic movies. Little Rock, AR native and Davidson, NC resident. Instagram - elaineruthb Twitter - @ElaineRuthBoe
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