Why You Should Listen to "My Favorite Murder"

I want you to stop what you are doing, go into iTunes or the Podcast app, and start listening to My Favorite Murder. Run, don’t walk.

When I first heard about the podcast My Favorite Murder from a friend, I was a little skeptical. For one, the friend initially referred to it as “my favorite murder podcast,” so I thought that she was going to tell me what exactly her favorite murder podcast was, when it turned out that the murder podcast was, in fact, called My Favorite Murder. And once she explained it a little further, I was again nervous. While I love a good serial killer Wikipedia page, I can’t read anything about John Wayne Gacy too close to bed, and generally I need to chase any sort of horror with online shopping, which isn’t great for my bank account. Oh, and a second friend who started listening had trouble sleeping at night and could not stop talking about what happened to Mary Vincent to her coworkers, which is always a great way to make friends at work.

Yet, one weekend road trip in June had me sick of Spotify, and so I tried My Favorite Murder. I did it. And holy shit.

So, for all you wondering still wondering what this My Favorite Murder thing is, here we go. First of all, it’s a podcast that covers pretty much what you think it would—murder. But this murder podcast is different. Instead of a heavily researched, fact-based, creep-you-out kind of podcast, My Favorite Murder is two comedians, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, conversing while cracking jokes and discussing whatever murder cases are of interest to them. Plus a lot of other stuff. The episodes are chatty, casual, and most importantly, funny. So while the List Family Murders might freak you out, you’re experiencing the retelling in a humorous way with your two new friends, Karen and Georgia. (It’s a humor genre podcast by iTunes categorization.)

Each of the two lovely hosts comes into an episode prepared with notes on a murder case of interest to them—their favorite murders, one might say—and she talks you through wonderfully, while also reminding you not to hitchhike, be nice all the time, or let strangers into your home. Or have brown hair parted in the middle. On top of the two “favorite” stories, and, of course, advice, Georgia and Karen often share “hometown murder” stories from friends or people who’ve emailed them. And that’s pretty much the podcast. It's also perfect because people can't usually admit to being intriuged by murder, but the podcast is changing that for all the listeners.

Whether you’re an avid podcast listener, you want to be, or you’re just getting your toes wet, this is a great one. I can only hope that you will give it a listen.

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