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Why is Winter a Season: A Southwestern View

So as October draws to a close, the temperature here in Davidson starts dropping. As an Arizonan, I am never, ever ready for the cold. Here’s my reaction to the terrifying notion that, yes, winter is coming.

Trying to wake up when the sun isn’t out yet

Not wanting to get out of bed because my bed is warm and comfy

When I step outside

Seeing my friends wearing shorts when I’m freezing

When people call you a wimp, because “it isn’t that cold”

Looking in my wardrobe and realize I only have a week’s worth of cold weather clothes

What is this layering you people speak of???

Not wanting to go anywhere because too much clothes

When the showers can’t even get warm because it’s so awful outside

Having to peel of layers when you come into buildings and put them back on when you leave

When it snows and people are happy

What I look like in the snow

But I suppose there are some good things about winter. Like cocoa, sweaters, blankets, and holidays. But the cold, no way.

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