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Why South Korea Holds the Future of Skincare

If you consider yourself a beauty connoisseur, you might have noticed several South Korean brands are making their way over to the U.S., appearing in Ulta, Sephora, and even Urban Outfitters. With products having names like “cleansing sherbet,” “goat milk essence,” and “bubble tea sleeping pack,” it can be difficult to navigate these new brands and understand what each product is intended for. It’s true, these products require a bit more research than just going to the store and picking something out–but oh are they worth the extra effort. Having tried dozens upon dozens of these Korean products myself, I can say with full confidence that South Korea is about to completely dominate the global skin care industry. Here’s why. 

1. Their 10–Step daily skincare routine is nothing short of genius. 

And I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. This tried and tested routine ensures that your skin is always properly cleaned, balanced, and moisturized. Plus, it prevents future skin concerns like wrinkles! One of my favorite new books, The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho tells you everything you need to know about the 10 step routine, and then some. 

2. The packaging is to die for. 

South Korea is all about the cute, cuddly, and sweet, and it comes through in the way they package their products. Cartoon animals, bright colors, and sparkles are common in almost every brand’s lineup. 

Look at this little strawberry nose pack by Tony Moly. It smells like strawberries too! 

If I can’t be a real mermaid, then this adorable mermaid inspired sheet mask by Ésfolio will do.

3. South Korea is just so innovative with its products.

This Black Luster Mask literally pulls the impurities out of your skin…

And this light moisturizer is made from, you guessed it, donkey’s milk. Who knew? 

4. Lastly, you just can’t beat the price.

With South Korea’s intense market for all things beauty and skin care, prices will stay at affordable levels without sacrificing quality. Seriously, some of the cheapest products I’ve tried are better than an expensive product from national brands. 

Want to give South Korean skincare a shot? Check out SokoGlam and MemeBox for helpful tips and a range of products to get you started! 

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Claire Biggerstaff is a senior at Davidson College where she's pursuing a major in English. Since her sophomore year, she's been heavily involved with Her Campus and has written for her school's chapter, interned with Her Campus Media, and eventually became the Editor in Chief of her home chapter. Her work as also appeared on publications like Babe.net and The Odyssey. When she's not researching news stories or holding editing workshops with her writers, you can find her enjoying an episode of The X-Files and thinking about how much she loves autumn.
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