When You Officially Accept Your Job

1. When you're waiting to make the final acceptance a Full On Moment.

2. Trying to care about taking notes on your next steps that your new boss Lauren really needs to do like ASAP.

3. When you want to celebrate.

4. When other people don't think you have a job/it's not a real job/you don't deserve your job/have any annoying commentary on your job.

5. When you're meeting new co-workers for the first time.

6. When you realize you still have to take classes...

7. ...for a whole year.

8. When you call your parents and they're really proud and start blubbering.

9. And then they start asking you questions about real life that you really don't want to address at the moment.

10. Because you know you're really terrified of being an adult and having to be responsible for yourself and also things like money and food and making friends.

11. But then the weekend comes and you and all your friends are still in college so you celebrate like the dumb twenty-somethings you are.

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