What We Know About "Stranger Things" Season 2

Stranger Things debuted a new trailer during the Super Bowl and let fans know that the second season will be out on Halloween. Despite that, the trailer revealed precious little about what’s coming. Here’s what we know as of now:

The trailer starts out with an old-style Eggo waffle commercial, which is probably just a lead in due to the fact that Eleven loves Eggos. I don’t think it has much to do with the show.

One of the first images shown is of Eleven opening her eyes as Mike calls to her. Obviously, we’ll be getting our favorite powerful girl back, but based on the lighting in this shot and the ending of season one, I think Eleven will likely start out the season still trapped in the Upside Down. Maybe it will be Mike who somehow wakes her up? Or brings her back into the normal world?

We then see three of the boys (it looks like Mike, Dustin, and Lucas) racing on their bikes dressed in Ghostbusters costumes. I have a feeling they’re just biking to school (as seen in a later shot), but there is the possibility that they’re being pursued by something and fleeing the school. But that begs the question, where is Will?

There’s some kind of explosion in what looks like Hopper’s home, catching him by surprise. Possibly something sinister from the Upside Down coming to get him? Or it could be that the agency he is working with has turned on him? So many questions left unanswered. 

Then we get a shot of Dustin in his Ghostbuster costume at the school. He turns and looks dramatically at the camera while Lucas and Mike stand in the background. Perhaps he is looking at Will? Or someone else who is making a surprising appearance? I doubt it’s Eleven given that it’s Dustin looking and not Mike.

The trailer cuts to a shot of Hopper shoving a shovel into the ground. What is he digging up? We know there’s a box in the woods where he leaves food and Eggos (presumably for Eleven), so maybe he’s looking for that? Or he may be trying to dig someone out of the Upside Down. We know that a tree in the forest is connected to the Upside Down from when Nancy went through, so this could be another way in? He could even be digging for conspiracy theories.

The phrase that bookmarks these shots “The World Is Turning Upside Down” makes me think that the Upside Down will be coming to the real world.

We then see a shot of a person in a hazmat suit standing in some kind of lab. The Upside Down has a toxic environment, so they’re probably going into it. Who it is, though, remains to be seen. It’s followed by a shot of people watching monitors, with one showing Eleven in a chair with the man she calls “Papa.” This seems like a flashback from when Eleven was still trapped.

There’s then a shot of Eleven clutching at her head in modern clothes. This clearly happens after she makes it out of the Upside Down, but what is causing her so much pain? Has she overdone it with her powers, like when she gets a bloody nose? Or is she terrified by another creature’s presence in the world? Then comes a shot of a drawing of some monstrous beast towering over the town. Will is the one who draws, so it’s presumably his artwork.

It’s followed by a shot of Will walking toward a door, which slowly opens to reveal red lightning in the sky. The final shot is of the skyline, which mimics the drawing with a monstrous creature over the city. Perhaps Will is getting visions of the Upside Down, such as when he coughed up the slug, allowing him to see the future where the creature crosses over. He seems to walk rather calmly toward the door too, so maybe the monster is controlling him? Or he played a part in bringing it across?

Right now, we are left with more questions than answers. This is all still just speculation, which we’ll have to confirm as we get more trailers. But, one thing's for sure, it looks very exciting!

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