'Tis the Season of Flickerball

While on college tours as a prospective student, I kept a journal to remind me of the interesting aspects of each school. On my designated Davidson page, I made a note that read, "Something about a game called flickerball?" I didn't quite understand what this mysterious game was, and to be honest, I'm still not totally sure about all the rules and regulations, even as someone who has actually played the game. However, there are two teams, among many commendable others, who honed their flickerball skills this season and emerged victorious.

Does participating in flickerball make me a student-athlete? Where's my blue water bottle?

During Family Weekend, first-year students participated in the Flickerball Championship games. Two teams from both the girls and boys leagues had played many a Sunday game and had made it to this pivotal moment. The boy's game started off the afternoon with fourth Watts and third Belk. It was a very close game and the winner was decided in the final seconds of the game; fourth Watts boys were the victors. The girl's game followed featuring second Belk and first and second Rich. Both teams fought fiercely but second Belk took home the title. 

The final games were played in Richardson Stadium

Congratulations to this year's flickerball champs! And shout-out to all the participants for earning your team sport credit. You are the real MVPs. 

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