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Thesis Struggles: Part One

As the resident senior writer for HerCampus Davidson, I feel the need to represent college experiences specific to our class of 2016. In particular, I mean the wonderful world of planning, conducting, and writing your very own senior thesis. It’s really freakin’ hard. It’s amazing, and I feel like this is the culmination of a large chunk of all my growth as a human being. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck sometimes. Mind you, it’s only the 5th week of school, and the struggle is already very real. I am still in the “planning” stages of my thesis, and I want to share the hardships of the first stages of a senior thesis with y’all.

Have I ever even had a good idea?

Why did I pick a major that you have to write a thesis?

I think having 18 tabs open (yes, I counted) is my breaking point:

This was not how I planned this would go:

When I just get so overwhelmed that I close my laptop and take a nap. 

When the universe blessed me with a fabulous (and feasible) idea:

Nevertheless, I am really excited about my senior thesis, and I bet it’s going to turn out great. Well, at least slightly better than average. 

Until next time! Unless I combust first.

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