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Ten Reasons to Go See the Lego Movie This Weekend

The Lego Movie. Not a movie that would typically draw college students in large crowds. But take my word for it: get a group of friends together, head to Our Town, and see this movie ASAP. I know what you must be thinking: I didn’t even play with Legos as a kid, and I’m a college student now. I couldn’t be less interested in the Lego Movie if I tried. While you may feel weird about being the oldest non-parent in the audience by at least a decade, here are some reasons to get in touch with your inner child and succumb to the awesomeness of the Lego Movie.

1. This song created for the movie by Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island. Simply titled, “Everything is Awesome”, this synth-filled celebration of teamwork will be stuck in your head for days. But you won’t mind one bit because it’s just so darn catchy and fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTqXEQ2l-Y

2. Morgan Freeman poking fun at his typecast status. He portrays an old wizard who imparts seemingly sage, but often biting and nonsensical, advice to the main character, Emmet Brickowski.

3. Emmet Brickowski. The adorable Chris Pratt voices this lovable idiot who just can’t seem to think of any original ideas. And I’m not being mean by calling him an idiot, because his boneheaded ideas save the day more than once.

4. The animation. Instead of fighting against the limitations that a world made entirely of Legos presents, the creators embrace their medium and creatively create an intricate universe of Lego realms.

5. The film incorporates the fact that Legos are a real world toy in a really interesting way that keeps the film from feeling like a two-hour Lego commercial.

6. The sharp pop culture references. There is no way to catch all of them in just one viewing, but this movie pokes fun at so much that even if you catch only half of it, you’ll be laughing for days. From Will Arnett playing a bad boyfriend, Batman character, to voter fraud jokes, this movie has jokes for everyone.

7. Elizabeth Banks’s Wyldstyle character. I won’t give it away, but there is a running joke about her ridiculous name that was just so clever.

8. The other amazing characters voiced by comedy heavyweights such as Will Ferrell, Nick Offerman, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Jonah Hill, and Channing Tatum (yum) just to name a few.

9. It embraces creativity and teamwork. The main message of the movie: don’t follow the instructions. This idea is good to share with younger audiences, but Davidson students caught in the daily grind can also benefit from being pushed out of the box every once in a while.

10. It is so uplifting. If you are having a bad day, the Lego Movie is the best medicine I can think of because it will remind you that in the words of Tegan and Sara, “everything is awesome!”

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