Review of Our HC Summer Survival Kit

Her Campus hauls make my week- so when I heard that we had just received our summer haul I was ~lit~. The theme of these goodies was “so fresh, so clean” There was a wide variation of fun goodies from a juicy book to even juicer body and personal hygiene items. Here is the list of the full haul and some of my thoughts on the items we received!


1. Summer’s Eve’s “Simply Cleansing Cloth”

This feminine wipe smells like freshly opened coconut which I loved and was shocked by. I usually stay away from feminine hygiene products or cleansers like this just because my doctor always says to stay away from douche bags and I generally do not have a ton of knowledge on that kind of thing. But these wipes help maintain a natural Ph and felt and looked like a baby wipe. Summer’s Eve boasts that these wipes are free from harsh chemicals, formulated with fewer ingredients and infused with botanical extracts. So yeah these surprised me and I did not mind using them - but I do not feel inclined to go out of my way to buy them myself.

2. Secret’s new Secret Invisible Solid Cool Waterlily from its Fresh line

So, I am a pretty active, very sweaty individual and I take my deodorant very seriously. I usually steer towards male deodorants just because like I need something more heavy duty plus I have sensitive skin that does not enjoy super perfumey products so I was, once again, on the cautious side when trying out this product. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The deodorant smelled yummy and light (not too strong) and kept me BO free all day long. Also, something that I noticed was that it did not ball up with tons of white clumps like a ton of deodorants out there tend to do- would definitely recommend this to my fellow sweaty ladies out there.

3. Penguin Random House White Fur by Jardine Libaire

Although I am not all the way through with this book (so don’t worry no spoilers here!) I am so in love with it and it has been such a nice breather from studying. Libaire’s writing is romantic which I LOVE yet somehow not cliché (sorry Nicholas Sparks, love you but I also love this change). So far there are two extremely different people Jamey and Elise and they seem to only have lust for each other at the beginning but it is slowly turning into love. The two characters are very different so their love story seems intricate and complicated. Cannot wait to finish White Fur and I know it would be a great poolside, beach side or any summer vacation-side read!

The haul also included:

  1. Summer’s Eve- Gentle Foaming Wash
  2. Essence Cosmetics – Eyebrow Designer
  3. Steripod Toothbrush Protector
  4. Fun, cute HerCampus drink koozies 

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