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Reflecting on Red Carpets of Yon: a Guide to Davidson Formal Wear

With midterms finally upon us (a cruel welcome to Spring Break), Davidson students across campus are putting noses to the grindstone, and the battered and courageous survivors of Big/Little week are now battling academics in an admirable effort that grants them the rank of heroes. And yet, even in these dark hours marked by great fear and anticipation, there is light (or to be more accurate, sequins), at the end of the tunnel. With the eating houses’ semi-formals and formals now on the horizon, it seems only right (a citizen’s duty, really) to take a break from all that work and reflect upon the best (and worst) red carpet moments of 2015. After all, how else will you know how to pick the perfect dress?

1.    No one does it better than Audrey. Channel your inner Hepburn for a classic twist on the LBD (suggestions include hats, statement necklaces, gloves, and cute cats).

2.    Embrace spring (and maybe the whole garden while you’re at it…). If you’re feeling extra experimental, play around with matching your eye shadow to you dress color as Lupita masterfully does in this violet statement.

3.    Pants. Pantsuit. Enough said.

4.    Let your dress color compliment your eye color for a striking pop.

5.    For classy cleavage: look for knots, twists and folds that give the plunge a softer look.

6.    Golden doodle, horgi (husky + corgi), cheagle (chihuahua + beagle). Take a note from T-Swift to master another form of hybrid cross-breeding: long and short dresses.

7.    Let your jewelry mimic the patterns in your dress for subtle flow.

8.    Get colorful.

9.    Finally, that real-life application you were searching for in 9th-grade geometry: show some skin with careful cuts in surprising places.

10.  For the daring and bold. Wigs? Lingerie? We won’t judge.

So take a break from your papers and reviews. This is research too, right?

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