The Only Sunburn Treatment You'll Ever Need

As someone who loves laying by a pool, hates applying sunscreen and is of Irish descent, I have dealt with my fair share of sunburns. Which also means I’ve dealt with my fair share of sunburn remedies. Which means I’m an expert and you have to listen to what I’m about to tell you.


Put down that bottle of aloe, and pick up a container of yogurt.


I know this sounds weird, but trust me. As soon as you realize you’re a human lobster, get some plain, preferably greek, yogurt and slather it all over your skin. Pretend its a luxurious spa treatment, relax, and become one with the dairy for the next 10 minutes. Then rinse it off because you look like a freak covered in fermented milk.


But the next day it will all be worth it because you'll look like you’re ready for your Sports Illustrated bikini shoot.


Disclaimer: I’m not actually an expert. But Cosmo might as well be, and they agree with me.

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