Um so yes, the title is a stretch.  But Union does feel pretty much all new.

1. There's no salad bar.  

This is a state of emergency for someone who has lived off of Union salads for the past three years.  Like, that was lunch and dinner at least 5 times a week, and ALWAYS an option when nothing else seemed at all possible to eat without descending into anxious darkness.  Also, the salad bar was one of the few places I could count on fresh and delicious vegetable options--like beets--and it was fast.  There was no waiting around to hear your name called.  You could just walk in and grab and pay (a lot) and go.

2. There are new pop machines.

Suck it up, I'm from the Midwest.  So it's pop.  BUT THEY ARE MAGICAL.  I love aspartame.  Like a lot.  Also probably from Eating Disorder times, but even things found in dark times can make for great relationships <3 ANYWAY.  There are pretty much endless options to choose from, and not all of them have caffeine, which is great for someone who uses caffeine very strategically and can't just throw off the daily balance if she wants something delicious (and not water) to drink.

3. Milkshakes.

Like... do I need to say anything else??  While I have yet to try these bad boys, I have only heard (or seen on Snapchat) good things.  Honestly, while Cookout will always have a special spot in my heart, these will definitely come in clutch those days I don't want to (or those nights I can't) drive anywhere.

4. There isn't a delicious trail mix/candy station.

Yes, okay I spent WAY too much money on yogurt covered pretzels and chocolate animal crackers here, but I LOVED them, y'all.  I LOVED them.  They were perfect for those late nights when you didn't really want to commit to a cookie or muffin but you wanted some quick and delicious energy/pick-me-up.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed they just haven't gotten the refills yet, but the outlook is not great.  And no, the pre-packaged plastic cups are not as good.  I'm a DIY kind of foodie.

As always, with any changes, there is the good and the bad, the things to celebrate and the things to grieve for.  But I think campus can handle it.  

Except the salad bar.  That needs to come back.  Like yesterday.

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