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My First Spin Class Told by GIFS

The world of spin classes is vast and diverse. However, I attempted my first one right here at Davidson College in Baker Sports Complex. I’m all for group workout classes, but I always thought spinning was a little frightening because I am not the best biker in the world. Here, I will present the story of my first spin class through gifs:

1. I spent a little longer picking out an outfit than I usually do: What do spinners wear? Which leggings will prevent the dreaded chaffing? 


2. I motivated myself and gave myself the “it’s good to try something new pep talk” on the way there

3. When I walked in, I debated consciously which bike to take. The front row would be aggressive, but I also did not want to get lost in the back.

4. Moment of panic: HOW DO I ADJUST THE BIKE? How high–and the handlebars??? Everyone around me is a pro already. I am doomed.

5. The instructor knew I was new and adjusted my bike for me. <3

6. I started pedaling on minimal resistance (level 1 to be exact). I thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad.” 

7. The instructor got up on her bike and explained that we were going to do some intervals, sprints, and hills. How does one do this on a stationary bike?

8. The music started bumping & the lights dimmed. I was feeling it. 

9. The instructor demanded to increase our resistance by 3 notches multiple times. Each time I felt like I was going to cry. 

10. Wow, this does not feel good on my butt…but hey, it’s giving me a nice one right?

11. Mid-way up the first “hill.”

12. Bumping to that motivational music up the first hill had me feeling deep and inspirational. 

13. The first time lifting your butt off the seat:


15. Interval time…increase the resistance now.

16. The first sprint felt like:

17. When the instructor says there’s only a few more sprints left *so motivational, yet so painful.*



20. I wonder if anyone can tell I haven’t increased my resistance since the first song. 

21. I like this! You can be awful at it and nobody will even notice. 

22. The endorphins are kicking in. This is starting to feel good. I feel EUPHORIC right now. 

23. Almost the last song & I can no longer feel my bum.. 

24. The final motivational song comes on. It’s the last hill!

25. Resistance down. 

26. How does one get off of this bike? 

27. Why are my legs jelly? Pure grape jelly. 

28. That was a better workout than I originally expected. 

29. Wakes up the next morning & cannot feel where I was sitting. 

So if you’re like me and are scared to spin at first…just try it.

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