Meet the Newest Addition to Davidson Campus' Wildlife

Davidson College
United States

You’re walking home after a late dinner at Commons with your friends. It’s getting dark outside so when you see a flash of white out of the corner of your eye, you chalk it up to a trick of the light and lack of sleep. But alas, your eyes do not deceive you. For then, just as you near the dorm, you catch a whiff of a smelly smell that smells...smelly. You think it might be the day-old garbage out back but it is, in fact, the infamous Albino Skunk.

Although you would not want to run into this skunk for obvious gustatory reasons, predominately white skunks are quite rare and therefore perhaps Davidson should take pride in our newest, hopefully temporary, resident. However, we suggest that if you encounter the Albino Skunk that you give the creature its space. After all, no one wants to be on the receiving end of the spray of doom.

If you were to Google “Albino Skunk,” expecting more information on this mysterious animal, you might discover surprising results. Apparently, there is a music festival in Greenville County, South Carolina called, you guessed it, Albino Skunk Music Festival. The festival encourages attendees to camp at the site and enjoy live music, while in the company of food trucks and craft vendors. If you can’t make it to South Carolina for the music festival, never fear, for our Albino Skunk may appear for your enjoyment. It may not be able to play guitar, but it will play with your adrenaline as you attempt to avoid its fragrant wrath.

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