Meet Brayan: The Youngest Worker at Davis Cafe

Brayan is the youngest worker in Davis Cafe. He is even younger than most Davidson students at only 17 years old and he just graduated from high school. Brayan’s young spirit lights up Davis Café during late-night with his boyish charm and exciting music taste. I was able to sit down with Brayan and ask him about his exciting future. 

How long have you been working at Davis Café?

An amazing 2 ½ years 

What is your favorite part of working here?

Interacting with students, like Robi and Uyen. I like making the food and making students happy and smile. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I  plan on going to college. I’m attending North Carolina State University next semester and majoring in business. 

What is like being so much younger than all of the other employees?

It feels different, people treat me different. But it is cool. 

What is your favorite food from Davis Café?  

Philly steak and the onion rings 

What will you miss the most once you move on?

I will miss seeing the students, who have basically become my friends, and making food. I  will miss the other employees and the inside jokes we have. 

Has being around college students all day, made you excited for college? 

Yes and no. Because sometimes you guys looked really stressed and I am not ready for that. But then you guys also make college seem really fun and I’m excited to start my experience.  

Brayan will be missed at Davidson next semester, but we wish him the best of luck in college! Davis Café won’t be the same without its youngest member. 

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