I Have Puppy Fever

Lots of girls talk about having baby fever - about seeing babies everywhere and thinking they’re the best things ever and wanting one for yourself really badly. Well, I have this feeling with puppies. It feels like everyone near me is getting puppies, and I’m harboring some serious jealousy. My sister floods the family GM with pictures of her newborn golden retriever. My professor just got an adorable and seasonally-appropriate puppy named Pumpkin. A friend of a friend just bought herself a puppy to help her get over a breakup. And I’m stuck dreaming of the days when I’ll have my own apartment and can finally adopt a dog of my own.

For now, I’ll just have to be satisfied looking at pictures of the cutest puppies out there. I stalk The Dogist on Instagram daily, so here are some of my favorite posts:

The best part about the account is the mini-bios of each dog. Puppy personality are way better than people personalities. 


I'm seriously jealous of whoever's job it is to roam around NYC taking pictures of all the cute dogs. 

I can't tell if this Instagram account is curing my puppy fever or prolonging it, but I can't stop looking at it! 


All photos via @thedogist

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