Gossip Girl Tells How Gamut Slayed

Gossip Girl Here: This just in! Mass reports of Gamut Dance Company absolutely slaying this weekend during their annual performance. I guess extensive practice hours and creativity makes a better show than drunk college students on the weekend any day. Congrats Gamut on such a beautiful, soul-lifting performance!

The anticipation for Gamut throughout the week was like:

When the lights dimmed and the show was about to start, the people next to me were not silenced & I just sat in my seat like...

The curtain opened and the dancers appeared looking fierce. FIERCE I tell YA.

Thoughts during the first dance: HOW ARE THEY ALL SO PERFECTLY IN SYNC? Meanwhile Blair and Chuck are like..

And GG foreshadowed the opinions of all of the people who don't understand the simplicity and beauty of dance costumes:

My confused reaction to how flexible they are...*how do their bodies move like that I will never know*

I mean when I was 7 I wanted to be able to do the splits SO BADLY. I felt Dan's pain.

I just sat there watching every dance in my happy place like:

The dancers connected with the audience on an intimate level, and since I was in the front...

& the dancers embodied Nate's attitude while practicing all these months before...I bet some of those moves took A LOT of tries to get right. 

Each dance invoked such different emotions within me I just didn't know how to feel:

 When the show ended I just wanted the dancers to come back:

Seriously I was very upset it ended. (Blair understood.)

When I got back to my dorm my friends couldn't understand why I was so emotionally affected. 

Exactly what I want to tell the Gamut dancers (Guest appearance & shout out from PLL because it's fitting)

Gamut's performance was more intricate and beautiful than Blair's entire wardrobe. 

& if anybody at all has anything negative to say about the night I will be Blair.

I couldn't even fathom the idea of going out with my friends after because I was too excited to write this..

I can't wait until the next show! But until then..


XoXo, Your Newest Gamut Fan Extraordinaire !

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